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Premier Doug Ford is now asking people not to travel outside Ontario

Official lockdown measures have been tightening up provincewide in recent days as COVID-19 case numbers remain high, and health officials are continuing to make further recommendations for residents to help curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Hotspots like Toronto have implemented their own restrictions on top of Ontario's rules under the new colour-coded reopening framework, including an extended ban on indoor dining and fitness classes despite these things being permitted under the Red-Control zone that Toronto is in.

The city's mayor and medical officer of health have also urged people to keep their social circles close, if possible to only members of their own household, and to keep all outings to a minimum, echoing the more severe lockdown we experienced early in the spring. 

The provincial government has likewise asked all Ontarians to limit their interactions with others outside of the home, and is now also recommending that people lock things down even more by limiting their travel out of the province.

Doug Ford gave the order at his daily press conference on Monday, telling residents, "If you're travelling, if you have to, try to keep it within our province. Don't be going to Manitoba, don't be going into Quebec — they're both great provinces, but let's just stick within Ontario. That's what we need to do."

The request is especially pertinent leading up to the end of the year, when holiday gatherings with friends and family, which are potential superspreader events, are a main concern.

Ford and his team are imploring people not only in hotspot regions but across the province in general to avoid having people over in the coming weeks, to limit their contact to only those they live with when possible and to continue to strictly adhere to guidance laid out by officials.

"We all play a critical part... we need to follow the protocols [and] be super cautious. We need to make sure that we social distance, stay at home and leave when you have to get groceries but don't bring your family out for a shopping excursion," Ford added.

"Even though numbers are climbing, we still have an opportunity to get our hands around this with the help of the people... please just follow the rules and we're gonna get through this."

Ford and his team ensured residents that more recommendations for the holidays are still to come, and that a complete Christmas lockdown is not out of the realm of possibiltiies. Meanwhile, locales such as Toronto specifically are awaiting their own even more enhanced protocols.

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