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Winner of Canada's Drag Race wants Toronto to stop building condos on Church Street

Canada's Drag Race crowned its first ever winner during the finale of its inaugural season last night, and iconic Toronto queen Priyanka was officially named Canada's First Drag Superstar.

Any Torontonian who's been to beloved drag bar Crews and Tangos likely already knew her name before last night — especially considering her literal tagline is "What's my name?" — but the historic win marks a whole new level of fame for the local celebrity. 

And while it's only been one day since the queen reached international stardom, it seems she's already determined to use her platform for good. 

Exhibit A: The performer used an online interaction with city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam to advocate for the preservation of the historic businesses in Toronto's Church-Wellesley Village. 

"Long live our Queen!" wrote Wong-Tam of the historic win on Twitter this morning. "Congratulations to Priyanka @thequeenpri for winning #CanadasDragRace! And may the goddess continue to bless all the fierce queens who lit up the runway."

And while Priyanka did immediately thank the local politician for the congratulatory tweet, she also slipped in a message of her own.

"thank you Kristyn! please stop building condos on Church St so our gay bars don't get shut down," she wrote. "love u."

Businesses in the Village have been under threat of being demolished and replaced with condo developments for quite some time now, and this has only been made worse by the devastating financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The community has rallied time and time again to try and save its beloved establishments, but many, including Priyanka, are calling on local politicians to step up in the fight against gentrification in the Village. 

In response to Priyanka's request, Wong-Tam said she's working with the Village to "protect, support and strengthen LGBQT2S+ businesses and cultural space," and she also attached a motion submitted to city council calling for a report to be created outlining measures that would help prevent these spaces from having to close down, including introducing rent control. 

But while the report has been delayed thanks to the pandemic, fans are nonetheless marvelling at the fact that it took no time at all for Canada's favourite drag queen to use her newfound fame to vouch for her community.

"Yasss Queen! Use your powerful platform for the good!" wrote one fan.

"Already putting her crown to good use. We stan!" wrote another.

"YES PRI! Using your voice like this!" added yet another fan. "You call them out girl!"

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Matt Barnes

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