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Toronto anti-mask protesters seen removing signs at Eaton Centre

Videos uploaded to Facebook last week show anti-maskers moving signs and disrespecting posted notices about physical distancing at the Toronto Eaton Centre. 

In the photos and videos the anti-maskers can be seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks, which have become synonymous with anti-government and anti-establishment protests since the 2005 V for Vendetta film

They are moving signs, walking in the wrong direction of the posted signs and in one video they confront and harass a store employee who is taking the temperature of shoppers. 

"The insanity in this Mall like a driving video game simulator going in the wrong directions with warning signs...This is why we fight this nonsense..The Resistance is here. Do your part and defy," wrote Omari Taylor, who posted the photos and videos. 

Omari Taylor is a local DJ and one of the organizer of the anti-mask raves that have been taking place at Cherry Beach this summer. 

Taylor has been quoted calling the pandemic a "scam" and according to the comment section of one of his posts he will be going to Yorkdale Mall this upcoming week to continue the "civil-disobedience".

"Everyone needs to do their part, organize a small group and hit the malls and streets with V mask and defy," Taylor wrote in a Facebook comment. 

To date, Ontario has had over 43,000 cases and almost 3,000 deaths from COVID-19. 

In July, Ontario instated regulations based on scientific recommendation that made masks mandatory indoors to reduce community spread of the virus.

And evidence continues to show that wearing masks helps contain the spread of respiratory droplets that may contain the disease.  

Public health officials continue to advocate that people who are able to wear a mask or face covering should do so while in situations where physical distancing is not possible.

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Omari Taylor

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