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Three more international flights with COVID-19 cases recently arrived in Toronto

Five international flights arrived in Toronto with cases of COVID-19 on board since the beginning of August, and now the government's non-exhaustive database has been updated to include at least three more flights from abroad that arrived in the city with infected passengers. 

In total, as of Aug. 11, at least eight flights carrying someone with the virus have come into the city from another country since Aug. 1. 

The government database, which aims to warn recent travellers of places they may have been exposed to the virus, includes information gathered through reports received from provincial and territorial health authorities, international health authorities and public websites, and it only includes data from the last two weeks (July 27 to today).

"You may have been exposed to COVID-19 during recent travel, such as by airplane, cruise ship or train (any public conveyance). Being aware of the risk can help you take the necessary steps to protect your health and the health of others around you," notes the database. 

In addition to the flights from Chicago, Newark, Punta Cana, Abu Dhabi and Lahore reported by blogTO yesterday, the webpage now shows that flights from Switzerland, Mexico City and London all brought COVID-19-positive passengers into Toronto in August as well. 

The database indicates that Air Canada flight AC992 from Mexico City arrived in Toronto on Aug. 2 with a COVID-19-infected passenger on board, and anyone who was seated in rows 19 to 25 may have been exposed and should self-monitor for symptoms. 

Air Canada flight AC879 from Switzerland also arrived in Toronto with a case of COVID-19 on Aug. 4, as did Air Canada flight AC849 from London on the same day. 

The affected rows on both of these flights are unknown, so all passengers should self-monitor for symptoms. 

Several domestic flights with passengers who've tested positive for the virus have also flown into Toronto recently:

  • WestJet flight WS676 from Calgary on Aug. 2 (rows unknown)
  • Air Canada flight AC427 from Montreal on Aug. 3 (rows 12 to 18)
  • WestJet flight WS720 from Vancouver on Aug. 3 (rows four to 10)
  • WestJet flight WS714 from Vancouver on Aug. 3 (rows seven to 13)

Non-essential international travel has been restricted in Canada since March 18, but numerous exceptions for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, the immediate family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and some foreign nationals mean cases of the virus are still entering the country and Toronto fairly often. 

Under the federal government's Quarantine Act, all those entering the country are required to quarantine for 14 days immediately upon arrival, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

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