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This is what caused the TTC subway shutdown during last night's commute

Toronto transit passengers were subject to yet another messy commute home from work on Wednesday evening, leading hundreds to once again freak out on the internet over how much the TTC sucks.

True as this may be at times, the Toronto Transit Commission actually had nothing to do with last night's mass delay — rather, it was one of their own... plus someone who drove their car into a TTC fence.

The TTC first issued a service alert at 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday advising customers that travel times would be longer than normal on Line 1 between St. George and Glencairn Stations "due to an auto colliding with [the] TTC fence line."

A restricted speed zone was implemented for cars heading northbound, leading to slower-than-normal journeys until at least 6:30 p.m., when the TTC announced that the issue had been resolved.

Shortly after 6 p.m., however, another incident on the Yonge-University line led to further delays.

"Line 1 Yonge-University," wrote the TTC. "Delays of up to 15 minutes northbound near York Mills while we deal with a disruptive customer."

Regular service resumed just a few minutes later, but the effects of both incidents were felt across the entire transit system, as they so often are.

"Are shuttle buses really en route?" wrote one passenger who was stranded at a subway station following the fence collision. "Because 3 trains have been off loaded and no one has been able to tell us why or made an announcement so everyone is clueless."

"We have such an advanced infrastructure that a car accident on the road impacts thousands of subway passengers!" wrote another. "Really?!"

Some Toronto residents took the opportunity to make pointed jokes about pedestrian safety, which police recently tried to enhance by giving bright arm bands to old people.

Others just griped about the TTC's complete inability to function as intended even for a single day.

Overall, the delay was quite minor compared to what commuters experienced on Monday morning, when a subway fire shut down a huge chunk of Line 2.

"My favourite Toronto subplot is that every time that every time it snows (in the city where it snows regularly), the #TTC acts like it's some sort of winter miracle and they've never seen this mystical white stuff before," joked one commuter.

"And two days after, someone drove into their fence," replied another. "Gotta love the TTC."

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