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Deciem's Brandon Truaxe reportedly died after jumping from his balcony

More details are coming to light this morning about the death of 40-year-old beauty industry mogul Brandon Truaxe, who founded the wildly popular skincare brand Deciem in Toronto roughly six years ago and died this past weekend.

The company's acting CEO, Nicola Kilner, confirmed on Monday that Truaxe had passed away, telling Deciem staff in an email that all stores, offices, warehouses and factories would be temporarily closed in light of the tragedy.

Now, American entertainment website Radar Online is reporting that Truaxe died after jumping from the balcony of his penthouse in Toronto's Distillery District.

Radar says that someone from inside the Toronto Police Service revealed that Truaxe had leapt from his 32nd floor condo unit and landed on someone else's 6th floor terrace in the early hours of January 21.

"He was found dead at the scene," a police spokesperson reportedly told Radar. "Someone looked under their balcony window and saw someone lying on the terrace half covered in snow, meaning he had been there for a while."

There was no evidence of foul play, according to Radar's report. Toronto Police have yet to respond to a request for comment.

Truaxe was famously ousted as the head of Deciem in October after posting a series of inflammatory messages to the company's Instagram account.

In one post, Truaxe alleged that people inside Deciem were committing "financial crimes," prompting major stakeholder Estee Lauder to file a court application for his removal.

Estee Lauder argued that his "outrageous, disturbing, defamatory, and/or offensive posts" were harming the business. A Toronto judge agreed and banned Truaxe from contacting any of the brand's employees.

In November, Truaxe was detained and held against his will in a U.K. hospital after what medical professionals diagnosed as a psychotic episode.

He told the National Post in an interview published November 30 that his psychosis was induced by mushrooms and crystal meth, denying claims made by hospital officials that he suffers from a mental illness.

Prior to his death, the eccentric entrepreneur has posted four public videos on Instagram in which he addressed U.S. President Donald Trump, talked about drinking Mescal and revealed his full address several times.

"Donald everything is okay," he said in the last video posted to his personal account. "If you're worried about something, don't worry... if they suspect something is strange, as the airport authorities say, if it's suspicious, tell someone. I love you."

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