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Christian bloggers are furious at the Toronto Public Library

The same pro-life website that earlier this year encouraged everyone to boycott Sweet Jesus ice cream (because blasphemy!) is now accusing the Toronto Public Library of using drag queen storytellers to "indoctrinate kids and sideline Christians."

"In Toronto, drag queens have been brought in to read stories like My Princess Boy to children and pitch the tenets of transgenderism," reads an article published Thursday by LifeSiteNews.

That article, written by pro-life activist and author Jonathon Van Maren, references a months-old Globe and Mail piece about new LGBTQ kids programs from the Toronto Public Library.

Something called "Drag Queen Storytime," in which talented community volunteers take time out of their busy lives to teach children about diversity and acceptance, upset Van Maren (among others) enough to speak out against not just TPL but public libraries all over Canada and the U.S.

You see, programs in which drag queens read stories to kids aren't new — they've existed in cities like New York and San Francisco for years — but they are gaining in popularity as both parents and children rave about how fun and beneficial the experiences are.

"I think it's important for kids to understand that boys don't have to play with trucks and girls don't just have to play with dolls," said Scott Robins, chair of the Toronto Public Library's LGBTQ kids programming, to the Globe in January.

"We want to be at the forefront of this."

LifeSiteNews sees things a different way.

"LGBT activists are determined to teach their ideology to children, and have focused their efforts on infiltrating the public school system, influencing the sex education curriculum, and ensuring that the concepts such as gender fluidity are taught from the earliest possible age," wrote Van Maren in his article on Thursday.

"Now, it seems, they have successfully managed to insert themselves into the children's programming of public libraries right across Canada and the United States—with the enthusiastic approval of the library staff," he continued.

"Drag queens and children's stories about transgenderism are in—and so, again, at yet another venue—Christian parents must be out."

"The more influence and power they have in pushing the homosexual/transgender ideology on straights, the more they want," wrote one commenter on the LifeSiteNews piece.

"I think it's actually about grooming children for the sexual practices they indulge themselves in. Opening up a whole pool of fresh fish for the small number of deviant sharks to feast on."

Another commenter remarked that "the whole thing is satanic" because, you know, makeup or something (?).

"Unfortunately, this type of reaction doesn't surprise me, however, it is completely overshadowed by the amount of love, and respect that these programs receive, not only in Toronto, but all over the world," says East Toronto Drag Queen Storytime co-founder Dani Stover.

"I had a teacher come up to me one time, in happy tears, saying that this would not be possible years ago, and it's true," she continues. "I am consistently in awe of how respectful, thoughtful and interested these kids are in learning about gender expression, and acceptance."

Those interested in checking it out with their own kiddos can find performance Artist Jezebel Bardot this Saturday, July 21, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. at TPL's Northern District.

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