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Toronto wants to help this guy find his TTC crush

Hi! Are you a blond man in his 20s? Do you like to read books on the subway? Have you been to Ossington Station lately?

Sommmebody liiikes youuuu. Maybe.

A mysterious romantic type who calls himself "Ossington Bae" has taken an unconventional approach to finding the handsome stranger he shared a moment with during last Tuesday's morning commute.

Remember when Craigslist Missed Connections were a thing? This is essentially one of those, only printed out and posted on the wall of a TTC platform.

"This is out of my comfort zone completely but I thought I'd give it a shot!" wrote Ossington Bae in his one-page ad. "I was the guy with the brown hair and the grey wool coat."

"We've made eye contact before and I wanted to come say hi, but the subway came and it was too crowded."

OB encourages his potential love connection to respond, if interested, to the purpose-made email address "ossingtonbae@gmail.com" — hence the nickname and resulting hashtag "#OssingtonBae."

Thousands of people have now seen the message thanks to boosts from high-profile Facebook Groups and Instagram accounts like Pride Toronto

Even the TTC's customer service Twitter account wants to see these young lovers reconnect.

Ossington Bae tells us that he only ever put one poster up – the one at Ossington Station. The rest, he says, were printed out and posted by others who seemingly want to help the love story along.

"I'm so taken aback by it," he says of the support. "Thanks to the citizens of TO for spreading the word!"

Whether or not Ossington Bae finds his transit Cinderella remains to be seen, but the posters are bringing joy to many around the city this week.

"One of the reasons I love this city!!" wrote one Instagram user while posting a picture of an OB sign. "I'm so here for it."

"When Tinder ain't cutting it so you resort to good ol' paper notes," wrote another. "Good luck to Ossington Bae. Please keep the hood in the loop and renew our hopes of subway true love."

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