Kensington Market posters

Snarky anti-condo signs pop up around Toronto

Almost 30 per cent of Toronto residents live in a high-rise building, according to the most-recent Canadian Census. When buildings with less than five stories are factored in, that number is closer to 40.

Not all high-rise residential buildings are condominiums, of course, but we do know that condo developments have been red hot in recent years as demand for living space in the city rises.

I don't need to tell you that Toronto's condo boom has ruffled some feathers – especially now that these signs have been plastered around neighbourhoods downtown.

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"Dear Condo dwellers: Locals hate you," reads the simple black and white poster. The second part of the message, I'll let you read for yourself.


Pictures of the signs have been popping up on Instagram for about a month now, many of them from condo-heavy (slash young people-heavy) neighbourhoods like King West, West Queen West and City Place.

A new flood of sign photos hit the internet this past weekend straight out of Kensington Market.

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Also spotted around Kensington lately are signs that read "Warning: gentrification in process," which bear a City of Toronto logo.

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It's not known whether the two posters are related, but they do send similar messages about the number of new new condo developments in the area.

Either way, the Kensington Market signs getting a lot of attention right now after someone brought up "dear condo dwellers" on Reddit over the weekend.

Some commenters there say the anti-condo sentiment doesn't ring true to them.

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"'Locals' aka people who moved in from Oshawa or Penticton (in the last few years for university etc.) and complain that others have the audacity to move in to their neighbourhood," reads one contentious Reddit comment.

"People born in Toronto would never post this sign. They just wouldn't care."

Another Redditor disagreed, writing "I know tons of people who are born and raised in Toronto who hate people in condos... the biggest Nimbys in this city are the locals. They don't want any neighbourhood to change. Example - Margaret Atwood or anyone in Parkdale."

Others still argue that this is the work of "hipsters" or "hard core anarchist guys from back in the day."

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It's an interesting thread. Maybe we'll never know who's behind the signs, but they certainly underline some of the tensions that surround a city expanding so rapidly.

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