TTC customer charter

TTC makes over 35 promises to improve in 2017

The TTC has had a customer charter since 2013. It's a useful document designed to keep Toronto's transit provider on the path to improvement while providing a small measure of accountability when it misses that mark.

The 2017 edition was recently released without much fanfare, but it actually contains lots of exciting news regarding planned improvements and benchmarks that we can expect to see before the end of the year.

Some of the major goals on the docket this year are the completion of the Wi-Fi rollout, the installation of PRESTO at every single subway entrance, and the grandaddy of them all, the opening of the Spadina Subway Extension.

Along with these major goals, there are a host of other promises that the TTC has made to improve the rider experience each quarter this year. Below are some of the highlights.

January to March
  • Completion of the musician stages pilot project to improve TTC station entertainment
  • Expanded eligibility for Wheel Trans service
April to June
  • Expand bike repair stop network by an additional 10 stations
  • Install time-saving signal priority technology at 15 intersections
  • Install 200 passenger vehicle arrival information displays in shelters
  • Ensure the 514 Cherry route is serviced by new, fully accessible streetcars
  • All entrances at 43 subway stations will have new PRESTO-enabled fare gates
July to September
  • Start construction on four priority bus lanes across the city
  • Install new high-capacity bike parking racks at 25 subway stations
  • Work with Bike Share Toronto to incorporate docking stations at a minimum of five TTC stations
  • Launch pilot project on solar-powered passenger information displays
October to December
  • Work with the Bombardier to have a minimum of 40 new streetcars on property
  • Reduce delays by 10% on all subway lines (incidents and minutes)
  • 30% of Line 3 train interior refurbishments complete
  • Introduce a new customer service agent role at eight subway stations to replace the collector
  • Wi-Fi available at 100% of stations.
  • Start phasing out legacy fare media
  • Put 300-plus new buses in service to replace aging buses
  • Reduce streetcar short turns to less than in 2016
  • Open six-stop Spadina Subway Extension

The final quarter is unsurprisingly more robust than the previous ones, as the TTC tries to bring its projects together before the end of the calendar year.

It's worth bearing in mind, however, that some of the timing here is actually conservative. The completion of the Wi-Fi rollout will likely happen in the second quarter, as one example.

In any case, there are some ambitious plans on the table. Let's check back at the end of the year to see how the TTC did. The whole 2017 TTC customer charter can be found on their website.

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CJ Burnell

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