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What kind of house does $5 million get you in Toronto?

The $5 million home in Toronto is often a bonafide mansion. While there are some exceptions, the houses at this price point aren't just nice, they're big as well. Decked out in luxury finishes and featuring sprawling backyards, these homes are built to show off their owner's well-heeled lifestyle with large scale entertaining. The rest of us can just hope to be invited.

Here's what a $5 millon house looks like in Toronto.

$4,799,000 for the ideal home in the Beaches

This towering home in the Beaches pretty much has it all. Along with its five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the kitchen is stunning, the backyard is an enclosed oasis with a huge tree canpoy, and there's ample space for parking or tinkering with stuff in the garage. There's even an elevator. The look is modern but not minimal, and thus will appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Edenbridge Road Toronto

$4,900,000 for a luxury property beside the Humber River

The existing decor at 158 Edenbridge Dr. might be a bit ornate for some, but it's hard to argue that this isn't a beautiful property. The street is adjacent to the Humber River, the backyard is a sweeping terrace complete with a lovely gazebo, and there's an awesome walk-in wine cellar. The outdoor fireplace is also a nice touch for memorable entertaining.

rosedale house

$4,995,0000 for an old mansion in Rosedale

If you've ever wondered what your classic Rosedale mansion costs, now you have an answer. For $5 million, you can enter Toronto's hub of old money by snatching up 135 Glen Rd. This house is sure to have creaky floors, but it also boasts tons of character and has been renovated in key areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. There are nine bedrooms on offer here as well as a huge backyard. This one begs for a big crew.

78 York Road Toronto

$5,080,000 for a suburban estate near York Mills

This sprawling home is set back from the road in an estate style that speaks to its large suburban lot. There's not much to recommend in terms of architecture here, but the main selling point is really the space. While there are "only" five bedrooms, each room is bigger than what you'll find in homes located closer to downtown. The four fireplaces will appeal to those who believe the only surefire way to create great ambience is with a bit of crackle and flame.

lawrence park house

$5,250,000 for a new build in Lawrence Park

This recent build in Lawrence Park blows the rest of the homes on this list out of the water in terms of interior design. It's finished in a contemporary style that remains warm thanks to gorgeous hardwood floors and plenty of wood cabinets. Modern fireplaces are a nice addition in the family and living rooms, though it's the kitchen and the huge master bedroom that are the real standouts here. It doesn't look wildly luxurious from the front, but this is an extremely nice home.

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