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The 5 most exciting neighbourhoods in Toronto right now

Toronto has a whole host of neighbourhoods on the rise, but what about those places that have just come into their prime or are otherwise experiencing a rapid upswing. Some areas in this city have recently become hotbeds of activity, both culturally and in a culinary capacity. You might be surprised which ones they are.

These are the five most exciting neighbourhoods in Toronto right now.

The Port Lands
This area is decades away from reaching its full potential, but what's happening right now takes advantage of the transitional nature of the place. Two major spring festivals are set to take advantage of the area in the form of NXNE and Luminato. Adding to the intrigue is expansion of the Pinewood Film Studios, the yet unnamed club that's replacing Sound Academy and a possible Expo 2025 bid.

Regent Park
Work just keeps chugging away at Regent Park. It's remarkable to think that only two of three stages of the massive redevelopment project are complete. In addition to places that have already become neighbourhood staples like the Daniels Spectrum and the Aquatic Centre, a brand new community centre has just opened, there's secret supper clubs, new cafes, and the New York Times is fawning.

The Dupont Corridor
Dupont is rising. 10 years ago this was a sleepy semi-industrial street, but now it's in major transition, and the fruits of change have already started to ripen. The gallery scene is booming, old warehouse spaces are being used as novel event venues, new restaurants are opening, and the approved condo projects sound like a boon for the area.

Old Chinatown
Toronto's first Chinatown was located around Bay and Elizabeth streets. Now it might be aptly referred to as Toronto's Japantown. Uncle Tetsu is, of course, one of the anchors here. By the end of the month, it will have three stores in the area. But you also have Tsujiri which just opened, and a slew of more established restaurants that have vastly improved the state of dining here.

With Queens Quay construction actually finalized, this is the first spring season in ages that the central waterfront is fully accessible. But that's not the only reason this neighbourhood is exciting right now. The rise of Southcore has pushed good restaurants down to Queens Quay, retailers are ready to capitalize on the new-look street, and there's a massive entertainment complex on the way.

What other neighbourhoods would you put on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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