2500 dollar apartment toronto

What kind of apartment does $2500 get you in Toronto?

If you have $2500 to spend on monthly rent in Toronto, you're bound to find a nice apartment. This is rather elite territory as far as rentals go, given that many who are able to afford such places could likely also invest in buying a condo. That said, there are a variety of scenarios that would lead one to rent in this price range, and the units of offer speak to this diversity.

This what kind of an apartment $2500 gets you in Toronto.

2500 dollar apartment toronto

$2500 at Sherbourne and Wellesley
Located on Bleecker St., this unit is speaks to the types of perks you get when paying this much in rent. It's been recently renovated and is tastefully designed, but more importantly it's huge -- four bedrooms, two bathrooms huge. If you're looking to split rent with friends, this type of apartment could be very attractive.

2500 dollar apartment toronto

$2480 for a two-bedroom near the AGO
More central condo units will cost you more, so if you're looking to live within steps of St. Patrick Station, your $2480 will only buy you two bedrooms. At 840 square feet, this place is hardly small, though. Plus you get a balcony and condo amenities.

2500 dollar apartment toronto

$2400 for a townhouse in the Annex
Not everyone fancies a condo unit in a skyscraper. At this price point, one can also rent newer townhouse-style apartments in attractive neighbourhoods like the Annex. This particular one features stainless steel appliances, a private deck, and in suite laundry.

2500 dollar apartment toronto

$2550 to watch the planes come and go at Billy Bishop
A view of the lake is well within reach for those with more than a couple grand to throw at rent. This until is less than remarkable interior-wise (a cookie-cutter condo if there ever was one), but hovering about the Toronto harbour would be damn nice.


$2400 for a two bedroom semi-detached at Avenue and Davenport
This apartment promises privacy, new decor, and a great location on a quiet street. You'll also get a fireplace, a deck for outdoor space, and your own laundry facilities. Two bedrooms is more than enough space for most renters in this city.

2500 dollar apartment toronto

$2500 for a semi-detached house in Don Mills
If you're willing to leave the core, $2500 will buy you a whole lot of space in Toronto. This four-bedroom in Don Mills still feels new, and boasts all the features and amenities that you'd expect of such a property, including a backyard and a garage. It's also almost 2,200 square feet, which would easily accommodate a small family.

What do you think? Would you spend $2500 on any of these places?

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