Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

The Toronto Zombie Walk occupied Trinity-Bellwoods Park on Saturday afternoon.

Thousands of zombies eventually left the park in a hauntingly slow crawl east along Queen St. to Spadina, up through Chinatown and then west along Dundas back to the park.

2011 marks the ninth year of the Toronto Zombie Walk. While last year's zombie walk went up through Kensington Market towards the Bloor Cinema, this year's marched past The Toronto Underground Cinema, where a double-bill of zombie flicks screened, as part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Here's some photos of zombies from this year's Toronto Zombie Walk:

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

I got to the park shortly after 3 p.m. and there were still hordes of zombies mulling about. I missed the zombie wedding (more to come on that), but there were still plenty of young zombies marauding the area.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

As usual, I was one of many, many photographers at the gathering.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

This year I saw a lot more photogs dressed for the occasion.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

There were times I began to fear for my life. Or at least the safety of my camera.

It was cool to see some of the zombies interacting with some of the local establishments along the zombie walk route.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Crossing Bathurst was easy for these two Baywatch lifeguard zombies.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Navigating the corner of Queen and Spadina proved a little trickier, with lots of gawking passersby.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Many zombies got their fill at the McDonalds. McBrains, anyone?

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Further along the route, the OMG mini-store on Dundas was all decked out with brain food, served up by a cute black-eyed pixie zombie.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

The stroll along Dundas took its toll on the limbs.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Anyone else run into this zombie? He totally freaked me out!

Toronto Zombie Walk 2011

Back at the park, the blue-eyed bride rallied the troops for some prize give-aways and wedding cake.

This year's zombie walk was just the thing for anyone with a zombie fetish. For the rest of us, it gave us some good costume ideas for Halloween. What was your favourite zombie?

More photos in this slideshow:

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Photos by Roger Cullman Photography. Facebook photos by Jesse Milns.

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