Get to know a street: Mimico

Mimico is a street, yes, but it's also a south Etobicoke area. And like all scenery-starved urban dwellers, I'm honing in on lakeside. The stretch of Lake Shore between Mimico Avenue and Park Lawn Road is a particularly noteworthy spot, especially since it seems to divide the low-rise rentals of Mimico's past from the new high-rise condos and townhomes of the future.

With the mammoth gated homes a little further west and increased population density to the east, these few blocks of Lake Shore manage to hold on to a bit of that old by-the-lake-charm. Intimate eating, conscious coffee, and nonchalant spelling errors say things move a little slower in this part of Mimico. Here are some places to check out in the area.

Grillicious might win the prize for the worst mangling of 'Mediterranean' by a restaurant that claims it to be its cuisine of choice. Grillicious proudly boasts it serves 'Miderarranean' food on its north exterior wall, though it does seem to get it right on most other occasions. You almost redeemed yourself, Grillicious, but then I spotted 'seasar chicken' and 'whole weat.' on your menu. The mostly takeout spot, which, thankfully, cooks better than it spells, offers chicken shawarma, souvlaki, burgers, falafel and more.


Birds and Beans Coffee
Full disclosure: I rarely think about birds when I have an espresso. When I'm feeling particularly pensive (and by that I mean "just finished watching a documentary on global coffee trade") I might think about harvesting effects on soil and water or issues of fair trade and distribution, but it's never about the birds. But after discovering Birds and Beans, I have one more thing to think (or feel guilty) about. This café sources and roasts organic, fair-trade, "bird-friendly" beans, and can offer a whole lot of information on growing practices and effects on birds, along with its homemade cookies and free WiFi.

Pearl Sushi

Pearl Sushi
Pearl Sushi might be one of the tiniest take-out spots in the area, but it doesn't skimp on menu options. With barely room for two people to step in and pick up their orders, Pearl offers reasonably priced teriyaki lunch specials, as well as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and donburi. There are also a couple of Korean menu options including kalbi and bulgogi.


Universal Bakery
Universal Bakery is a Polish bakery with familiar items like Nutella and Fanta sourced from Poland. No plastic jars here, in other words. The bakery is fairly renowned in the Polish community for its breads, cheesecakes, and of course, its perogies, which are available fresh for $0.39 each or bagged and frozen. Universal Bakery's patio, despite its obvious wear, is a summertime hotspot.


Everest Indian Cuisine
Everest on Lake Shore may not be as sleek as the like-named Everest Indian(ish) restaurant on Queen, but it does offer a whole roster of authentic Indian flavours. The menu includes various tandoori dishes, curry, masala, and more, as well as a fantastic kids' menu that lists a "Mickey Mouse Dosa" (dosa shaped like a Mickey Mouse head) among its options.


Café du Lac
Café du Lac lets you enjoy the Quebec bistro experience without worrying about getting clipped by a car on your way home (Montreal drivers? Anyone?). Sunday brunch is Café du Lac's specialty, offering Montreal bagels, cretons, crepes, omelettes, and other Quebec-esque fare. The full dinner menu includes foie gras poutine, boar tenderloin, and braised guinea hen, prepared under the eye of Chef Pierre Robillard.


The Wing Company
No, you're not on King West. The Wing Company does, indeed, have a location in Etobicoke, right at Lake Shore Blvd. West and Mimico. Expect fewer suits. The signature dish comes double cooked, available in one of forty classic and signature flavours including Pineapple Curry, Orange Ginger, and Northern Heat. One of the best things about The Wing Company: Boylan's Vintage Sodas, of course. Available both on Lake Shore and King West.

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Photos by Jesse Milns

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