Jarvis Street Toronto

This is what Jarvis Street looked like in Toronto from the 1890s to the 1960s

The measure of difference on Jarvis is something to behold, particularly because there remain just a few hints at what it all used to look like.

Prior to the 1940s, Jarvis Street was probably the most beautiful in all of Toronto, lined with the mansions of some of Toronto's wealthiest families.

And then, in 1947, the street was forever changed when many of its trees were ripped out to widen it for increased automobile traffic. While the project might have been necessary to accommodate a growing city, it's sad to think of what was lost in the process.

Here's what Jarvis Street has looked like through the years.



St. Lawrence Market

jarvis street

Old (old) City Hall

jarvis street

Jarvis south from Carlton

jarvis street

Horticultural Gardens (between Jarvis and Sherbourne)


jarvis street

Jarvis in 1903

jarvis street

The first Jarvis Collegiate


jarvis street

Jarvis Street Baptist Church. Photo via the McCord Museum

jarvis street

Allan Gardens Palm House


jarvis street

Juvenile Court Building at 311 Jarvis

jarvis street

The (then) new Jarvis Collegiate in 1924


jarvis street

Jarvis and Maitland

jarvis street

Jarvis and Carlton (northwest corner) 1931


jarvis street

Jarvis and Carlton pre-street widening 1947

jarvis street

Jarvis north of Carlton post-street widening 1947


jarvis street

Jarvis north of Lombard Street


jarvis street

Jarvis south of Bloor

jarvis street

Jarvis and Queen (looking south)

jarvis street

Jarvis and Queen (looking north)

jarvis street

The birth of the Gardiner 1963

Photos by

The Toronto Archives. Lead photo by the Department of Public Works in 1960. With files from Derek Flack. 

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