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G20 violence

Sunday Supplement: The week in virality and injustice for G20 victims, illustration students and cats

Sunday Supplement rounds up the week's most important, amusing and link-worthy news stories.

The week that was saw two Toronto-based stories -- one a commercial for a Bahrain telecommunications company and the other a prefab home conceived by local designers -- go viral. Oh, and more of the same from the G20.


"There are reasonable grounds to believe an officer used excessive force leading to injuries to the complainant. However, given the fact that no subject officer can be named after a thorough investigation, I cannot form reasonable grounds that any identified officer committed a criminal offence in the circumstances of this case." - SIU director Ian Scott on why no officers were charged in connection with civilian injuries at the G20.

"It's a mess." - Toronto Humane Society board member Ferne Sinkins on the seizure of roughly 50 cats from a home she rents in Hamilton.

"Ms. Mendieta described the Crown attorney as rolling his eyes, making faces and gesturing in a way that clearly communicated to her that he did not believe her.... The effect of all this behaviour on Ms.Mendieta was that she felt intimidated, uncomfortable and distracted while giving her testimony under cross-examination." - Justice Nola Garton explains why she declared a mistrial -- the second -- in the case against Erika Mendieta.

"It was a wildly successful venture for the most part.... There was a sense of something special - we were building something that had never been seen before anywhere in the world." - Peter Gatien on the now long defunct CiRCA nightclub, which he opened in 2007.

"The fact that you cannot come to the station, sit quietly in the corner and draw (or do whatever without violating anyone's rights) seems outrageous." - Natalie Ierkhova on the tight security restrictions at Union Station.

PCC Streetcar


$969.54 - The cost to rent one of the TTC's PCC streetcars for three hours.

650 - The number of housing units to be built at Downsview Park as part of a proposal to subsidize the greenspace.

10% - The current vacancy rate for Toronto office towers.

$39,000 - The cost of the entry model in Meka's prefab home collection, which got loads of attention this week.

213,506 - The number of YouTube views Spy Film's Toronto-based Batelco ad has accrued since November 22.


Speaking of that Batelco ad, here's the "making of" clip on YouTube (the original is linked to above).


Plane Spotting at Pearson Airport

Plane spotting 101 at Pearson Airport, one of my favourite blogTO posts of all time.

Photos by Louis Tam, sjgardiner and Jerrold Litwinenko.

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