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Morning Brew: Waste Diversion Failure, Ruby Chinese Restaurant Closure, Stintz Not Running for Mayor, Melissa Todorovic Appealing Life Sentence, Johns Arrested, Leona Drive Art

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

It's kind of like the Kyoto Protocol, but the local version (and about garbage rather than emissions). Our lofty goal to divert 70% of waste from landfill by 2010 is not going to be reached, and the blame seems to be falling mostly on the failure to implement green bin and recycling programs in the vast majority of multi-resident dwellings. Most of the surrounding municipalities in the GTA are also reassessing and altering their aims. Interestingly, Markham is doing really well, diverting more than 70%.

Ruby Chinese Restaurant in Scarborough has officially thrown in the towel, shut down, and will be filing for bankruptcy. The news comes after an extended closure by Toronto Public Health, which was due to a salmonella outbreak and the restaurant's failure to effectively deal with a cockroach infestation. 64 full-time and at least 20 part-time workers have lost their jobs as a result.

Melissa Todorovic, who was convicted of first-degree murder for her role in the death of Stefanie Rengel, will be appealing the life sentence that was handed down to her. Hopefully this appeal goes nowhere fast.

Micheal Bryant didn't appear, but several bike couriers did show up in support of slain cyclist Darcy Allan Sheppard (see embedded CityNews video below). A preliminary court appearance by Bryant's counsel has resulted in the setting of a November 16th court date, when charges of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death will be first read.

Karen Stintz (City Councillor, Ward 16) has announced that she's withdrawing her planned candidacy for the 2010 mayoral race, citing difficulties raising funds, and the challenges of facing high-profile would-be candidates. Perhaps some media outlets can write more openly about Stintz now, without getting embroiled in controversy or having to paste awkward disclaimers every time they mention her name.

As part of a crackdown, Toronto police charged 70 men who were soliciting prostitution on the Danforth. What's hard to believe is that two of the men who'd been arrested came back for a second attempt on the same night.

And it may be worth the trip to North York. Artists are converting old bungalows (which are destined for demolition in November) on Leona Drive into contemporary art works like a simulated crash scene, and a giant Monopoly piece.

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