Morning Brew: April 7th, 2009

Photo: "Golden" by Miguel Navarrete, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Don't take the green pill. Or any pills that mysteriously show up at your door. Police are investigating after a resident in the Bloor & Sherbourne area received some strange pills and a note (claiming to be from Greenpeace Canada) touting that the pills will help offset effects on our health caused by leaks from nuclear power plants [CityNews]. Strange indeed.

With big bats from Lind and Snider, the Toronto Blue Jays won their 7th consecutive home opener 12-5 in an exciting game against Detroit. In typical home opener rowdiness, the game wasn't without disruptive incident. The game was halted for 9 minutes in the bottom of the 8th inning when fans in the outfield threw a couple of balls at Tigers left fielder Josh Anderson [CBC]. I tried to blog the game via Twitter, but the ironic reality is that the Rogers 3G and cell networks were pretty much unusable in the Rogers Centre. I guess when the teams "Rogers call to the bullpen" they're using a land line? Do too many smart phones pushing and pulling overload the system? BTW, tonight's game is dry [Sun].


The City of Toronto is apparently buying into Filmport [NP], but details are being kept under wraps. Some councillors, who know more than we do, are really not into the idea of rushing this deal. Is this essentially a bailout? I'm not sure that having the City involved in running the studios is a good idea or not, considering their demonstrated lack of competence in doing simpler things far more in their purview (like installing garbage cans, balancing budgets, etc).

Thunder Bay, Ontario made International news yesterday, after a guy stole a Cessna plane from the humble northern city and took it on a 7 hour joy ride into US air space [G&M]. He flew it over the border (where US F-16 fighter jets were dispatched), and ended up having to land it on a Missouri highway before trying to escape on foot. Awesome.

It's as bittersweet as it can get. The parents of a baby girl that is dying at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children are hoping that another baby girl, who is in need of a healthy heart, can receive a transplant. It's a sad story, with complicated ethical and medical questions [Star] aplenty.

And the OPP are reminding us to be careful out there [CTV]. Although it's only been a handful of weeks since we had slick road conditions, people can't remember what they had for lunch yesterday, let alone how to drive in winter weather.

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