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Morning Brew: October 3rd, 2008

Photo: "window washing @ Yonge/Finch" by Phil Marion, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup for Friday October 3rd, 2008:

Who's tired this morning? I am. And I suspect many of you are too, after watching both the Canadian leaders and the US Vice Presidential candidates debate last night.

Highlights of the four-on-one brawl Canadian leaders' debate: Dion promised "more fun for Canada", Layton wants to know if the Conservative platform is being hidden "underneath the sweater", May was feisty and finger-pointing and using the word "fraud", Harper's son is "learning to play the guitar" (i.e. he's an "artist"), and at one point Duceppe looked like he was going to jump over the table if Harper wouldn't say "reimbursable". And it was moderated by a familiar character. 9/10

In the Nascar race south of the border US VP debate, Biden was on and, for the most part, Palin was able to avoid crashing and burning (and giving Tina Fey direct quotes to use on Saturday). 7/10

The proposed arts centre at the base of the forthcoming "L Tower" at Yonge & Front has been axed due to lack of funding from the provincial and federal governments. What will we get instead? Retail space, a food court, a fountain, and condos. Sigh.

Disgusting crack pipes will be replaced by comparatively pleasant doggy doo. That's the change that developers, councilors, and residents hope the new off-leash dog area at Allan Gardens will bring about.


A $10,000 reward is being offered for help bringing a prolific bank robber to a halt. Some guy has managed to rob at least 26 southern Ontario banks in recent years without getting caught. Check out the photos... you may be able to help, and score some cash.

When I say Greyhound bus, you think...
It's only getting worse for the bus company. It's believed that as many as 27 passengers on a Toronto to Detroit run might have been exposed to tuberculosis. Yikes.

Yesterday the TSX took another nosedive, and so did our dollar. I predict that in trading today, we'll see at least a 400 point and 0.80 cent recovery respectively. And another drop next week.

Would you skip the fiber and protein and instead eat several spoonfuls of sugar for breakfast? It may be that you are doing just that already. Sweet!

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