Metronauts Go West - To Hamilton

Metronauts Go West - To Hamilton

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Last month's Metronauts unconference was a success in many ways. Not only was the event registered to capacity, but the ideas and and conversations that were introduced that day continue to be the focus of discussion both on the Metronauts website and in transporation policy discussion across the GTA and Hamilton.

Missed the last Metronauts event? Couldn't make it that weekend? Waited too long to register and it was oversubscribed?

Well, now you've got another chance to have your voice heard and participate in the discussions around the future of transportation in Toronto and its neighboring communities.

The next Metronauts unconference is taking place at McMaster University in Hamilton this Saturday, May 3, and it needs your support. Registration is now open and if you missed the last event in Toronto, this one promises to be a fantastic follow-up to the first Metronauts unconference as well as an excellent launching pad for new ideas.

Okay, some of you may have some hesitations before signing up, so let's get those out of the way right now.

1. Hamilton is an hour away from Toronto: how am I going to get there?
That's an easy concern to deal with. Not only are there many transit services that go to Hamilton, the Metronauts team is also facilitating some ride sharing options. See the Transportation to Metronauts Hamilton page for more information.

2. I was at the last Metronauts event: will this one just be a repeat?
As you all know, an unconference is created by the people who attend the event. Because of that simple fact, it is almost impossible to have an exactly duplicate experience at Metronauts Hamilton. After all, the new location and new slate of attendees means that we'll all get a diversity of perspectives and a variety of viewpoints on how transportation affects various people across the region.

3. I'm in Toronto, why should I care about an event in Hamilton?
The Metronauts community is working with Metrolinx to come up with ideas and thoughts on a regional transportation plan across the entire GTA and Hamilton region. As you're all aware, a large number of people from outside Toronto come into the city core every single day for work and play, and this event will not only help Torontonians understand the transportation issues that affect these people, but will also help our city develop policies and plans that will ease the burden on our roads, transit system, and wallets.

If you can't make it to Hamilton this weekend, stay tuned to the Metronauts website for more information about events across the GTA taking place this summer, and feel free to join the discussion online at the Metronauts conversation community.

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