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Beggin' for an Eggin'

Every year my parents would hide, poorly I might add, a bunch of little Easter themed chocolates around the house, along with one or two big hollow ones in some really obvious spots. One year they even tied a ribbon going from spot to spot. My guess is I missed a couple the year before, and that's why we had mice problems for a month.

Instead of my parents, those crazy non-sellout kids at Newmindspace will be playing the role of the Easter Bunny in Downtown Toronto this weekend. The catch is that the Easter Bunny is getting on in his years, and he could use a hand planting the fun little treats and surprises for all the grown-up kids on Bloor Street this year.

Hey man, the Easter Bunny needs help. You're not gonna say "no" to the frickin' Easter Bunny are ya?

Of course you're not gonna say no. That's why you made it this far.

Kevin and Lori need your time, and your eggs. Specifically, they need you to donate a few hours of your time to help stuff another thousand eggs (bring some!) with nice messages for would-be hunters. I'm having a hard time seeing how this event could possibly turn bad (unless someone steals a whole bunch of stuff again), so some old fashioned good karma will be earned if you help out.

Egg Stuffing Jam
Thursday, April 5th, 2007 @ 7:00p - 10:00pm
Newloftspace - 1153 Queen St. W, room 206
Buzz 0206 when you arrive

For directions, clicky clicky
Sign up on the wiki


Newmindspace isn't just going to take those Easter Eggs and open up the notes while relaxing in a hot tub with a bottle of wine. Nope, there's gonna be an old fashioned Easter egg hunt happening on the 8th.

But old fashioned would imply that this isn't a Newmindspace event. "New fashioned" doesn't have any zing whatsoever, so I'll just let this one slide through without further thought...

The hunt is gonna last all pretty much all day long, and it's happening along a big stretch of Bloor Street. Withdraw money at the RBC Bank machine and get some (hopefully) nice notes from the inside of brightly colored Easter eggs lying ever so mildly hidden from plain sight? That's so sweet that I think I'm gonna go into sugar shock at any moment.

Easter Egg Hunt!
Sunday, April 8th, 2007
Bloor St. W from Yonge to Bathurst
11:00 AM - ?

Photos from last year's event can be found here. Go fill those eggs with some of your love. That came out wrong...

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