Daniel Nestor wins Italian Open

Morning Brew: May 15, 2006

Your morning news roundup for Monday, May 15, 2006:

Torontonian Daniel Nestor doesn't choke like the Ottawa Senators and wins the Italian Open this weekend.

Cecilia's killer gets 15 years, which is probably a walk in the park compared to what he's going to get when he's deported back home.

Leonard Cohen proves that you can never be too old while delighting a massive crowd in front of Yorkville's Indigo on Saturday.

Police drag out a body from Lake Ontario near Harbourfront after receiving a call that somebody had jumped into the water.

Waterfront czar Robert Fung loses his job, and his likely replacement may be David Miller. As if the mayor didn't already have enough to do.

After four shootings this weekend, residents of Toronto are hoping that we don't get a repeat of last summer all over again.

Web celebrity Om Malik highlights the Mesh Conference, a heaven for web geeks across the country, kicking off today near UofT.

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