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Simple Cafe's owner Raquel, a resident of Leslieville , once lamented the lack of good, healthy quick breakfast options in the area. When one wants to grab something fast and nutritious, where does one go? Burger King? Nuh uh. So Raquel took the bull by the horns and opened a cafe.

Simple Cafe Window

In business for just over seven weeks, Simple Cafe is sandwiched between Tango Palace and Red Rocket on the south side of Queen. Inside, three tables are sandwiched between two white walls (more tables in the back!) and fresh sandwich toppings lay in the display case, tempting customers. In other sandwich news, here is a picture of a sandwich.

Simple Cafe Grilled Sandwich

With a 'create your own' menu style for sammies ($6) and salads ($4-$6), I couldn't help but take full advantage of the aged cheddar and was served an eyes-roll-to-the-back-of-the-head grilled cheese. The selection of baked treats (most prepared by Raquel, her friends and accomplished baker aunt) called my name (seriously, they did) and I went for the m-o-i-s-t (it's better if you don't say it in full, right?) apple cinnamon cake. (No more brackets). My friend insisted I try the chocolate orange pound cake, and who was I to turn that down? And how rude for me to not take 3-4 bites?

Simple Cafe Treats

Simple Cafe serves up an organic, fair trade Brazilian roast as well as red tea espresso . Coffee is $1.50 a cup, but if you bring your own cup it's only a buck. Take out is served in biodegradable cups, in keeping with the cafe's green, organic frame of mind.

Simple Cafe counter

When the weather gets a little warmer, Raquel plans to open up the backyard to expand seating space, especially for their Sunday brunch. With vines covering the walls, it looks like it'll be a welcome serene space to visit come spring time. And with Raquel's (and friend/co-worker Tessa's) friendly, welcoming demeanor, Simple Cafe is definitely a place worth visiting.


Monday - Friday: 8am-8pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10am-6pm

WiFi: Yes

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