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The Maker Bean Cafe

The Maker Bean Cafe started out as an Ontario Science Centre project, and now has this storefront location in Bloorcourt where you can 3D print and laser cut whatever you want while sipping java.

Run by Lorraine Sit and Christopher Caira, workshops and camps for adults and kids take place in a basement area in everything from 3D printing to Minecraft to robotics and video game programming.

Maker Bean Toronto

The downstairs area can hold around 20 to 30, a capacity of 40 upstairs in the cheerful space primarily designed by Sit, with local curated art by friends on the walls.

Maker Bean Toronto

3D printers are front and centre, right in the window to pique the interest of passers by. “You don’t even need to get coffee, honestly,” says Caira. Anyone with a genuine interest is welcome to come in and check things out.

Maker Bean Toronto

They’ve got a Prusa printer made with open source technology, some plastic pieces themselves 3D printed. For a custom project, pay a $5 setup fee and then 10 cents a minute for as long as it takes to complete.

Maker Bean Toronto

There’s also a Monoprice IIIP printer, examples of all kinds of imaginative 3D objects that could be printed scattered about the table it rests on.

Maker Bean Toronto

The sole laser cutter is at the back, which can be used to create custom pieces for $100 an hour, a setup fee $10 - $40 depending on the type of object.

If you’re not the patient type, or even that creative, there are plenty of ready-made design options for anything from coasters to pins and wall decor.

Even the sign outside has laser cut pieces of white acrylic stuck to it. Most of the examples of laser cut items are done in wood, but laser cutting can be done on granite or even glass too.

Maker Bean Toronto

Croissants from local French bakery Gouter start at $2.75, and are used to make croissant sandwiches.

Maker Bean Toronto

Raspberry croissants are a standout, raspberry flavour throughout and filled with raspberry compote.

Maker Bean Toronto

Coffee is provided by local roaster Propeller, their classic Turbo used for all espresso-based drinks.

Maker Bean Toronto

A latte ($4.50) is lovingly presented, and can be made with skim milk at no extra charge, a 50 cent charge is applied for non-dairy alternative milks.

Maker Bean Toronto

Anything can also be iced for 50 cents.

Maker Bean Toronto

As much as possible in the space has been 3D printed and laser cut, from menus to bathroom signs to drink stencils — proving how easy it is to customize practically anything with this technology.

Maker Bean Toronto

The goal of Maker Bean is to bring maker culture, so often buried away, out into the open, and that’s been more than achieved here.

Maker Bean Toronto

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The Maker Bean Cafe

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The Maker Bean Cafe

The Maker Bean Cafe

3 Upcoming Events
About the Event
  • May 27 - July 29

    In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your own laser-cut items! You’ll learn how to:

    + create a laserable design in Adobe Illustrator using text, images & cut lines

    + program a laser cutter to interpret Illustrator designs, producing beautiful etchings and cuts

    + design your own items at home and laser cut them yourself at The Maker Bean during you...

  • June 3 - August 12

    Come learn about the art of 3D design and printing at The Maker Bean! During this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

    + Use a 3D design tool to create objects in space

    + Incorporate existing 3D designs into your work

    + Get your design ready for 3D printing

    + Load and operate a 3D printer

    You’ll finish the workshop with your own 3D design! Due to the speed of 3D printing, we’ll print y...

  • June 16

    Looking for a creative way to combine design, laser cutting & your love of delicious drinks?

    Look no further than The Maker Bean's Laser-Cut Beer Caddy Workshop! As part of this workshop, you'll receive:

    Design skills in Adobe Illustrator on a laptop we provide

    Instructions on operating a laser cutter

    Your own laser-cut pieces to assemble your beer caddy

    One cafe beverage & Goute...

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