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Latea Era

Latea Era is a cafe that aims to be much more than just another bubble tea chain. The vibe here is pointedly different than the typical grab-and-go bubble tea shops.

Their self-styled tea room is outfitted with comfortable chairs, lots of space and a collection of board games that invite you to stay for a while.

Latea EraThis Scarborough cafe is  the first overseas location of a quickly-growing chain from Foshan, China. All their tea leaves come directly from China and they source their matcha from Japan.

Latea EraAnother thing that's unique about this place is their signature "crown", a cheese-like foam that site on top all of their drinks. It's available in several varieties and is made from a combination of milk, cream cheese and condensed milk, among other dairy ingredients.

Latea Era

The Cheese Crown Rose Oolong ($4.70) is a good starting point for those who want a lighter beverage. The light oolong tea flavours pair well with the richness of the cheese crown that sits majestically on the tea like a royal foamy cheesecake.

Latea EraStrikingly pretty is the Cheese Crown Strawberry Slush ($6.50). This bright red drink is sweet and thick but is made with fresh strawberries.

Latea Era

The Salty Crown Matcha ($5) would be too salty if paired with a lighter tea but it works well with the bitterness of the matcha it comes with.

Latea EraNot into the crown? Consider ordering the Oreo Puff Cream Milk Tea ($4.70) instead. The lightly sweet puff cream is smooth and rich making it the perfect accompaniment for the light crunch of the Oreo crumbles.

Latea EraAnd if you prefer your drinks completely unadulterated by toppings, go for the Ice Grapefruit ($4.20). Refreshing, light, and slightly tart; it's a quintessential summer beverage.

Latea EraNot to be missed is the collection of cakes by Masterchef Canada Top 5 pastry chef Christopher Siu. My personal favourite is the ridiculous soft and rich Matcha Crepe Cake ($6.99). You won’t want to share this.

Latea Era

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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