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Landscape Coffee Roasters

Landscape Coffee Roasters is a cafe and roastery offering coffee tastings and icy, flash brewed coffee, which is different than cold brew. 

You'll find this subtle shop on a quiet, curved residential street, sitting just aside from Islington Road.

landscape coffee torontoThe cafe is actually the marriage of two brands: Two Bears Coffee—which previously specialized in cold brew—and Landscape, which was founded in 2011 as Pig Iron Roasters by Joe Angelloti of Lit Espresso

landscape coffee torontoSince joining, the two have partnered to bring two main products to the world: oat milk (so hot right now, oat milk) and flash brewed coffee in cans. 

landscape coffee torontoYou've probably heard of cold brewed coffee: the method of extracting flavour by steeping coffee in cold water for hours at a time. 

landscape coffee torontoFlash brewing is different, and sort of seems like the cold brew of the future. Instead of eschewing hot water, coffee grinds are brewed like you usually would for hot coffee, except that it's chilled afterward in a special fridge. 

landscape coffee torontoThis apparently extracts and maintains of the coffee much better; so much so that Two Bears' founder David Schneiderman was convinced to switch over to flash brew from cold brew when he partnered with Angelloti on Landscape. 

landscape coffee torontoThey offer six types of flash brew here, from unsweetened, to mocha, to one flavoured with hazelnut and seasalt. 

They also have a frothed oat latte, which utlizes the brand's own milk (with oats from Saskatchewan). 

landscape coffee roaster torontoIt's $3.50 per can, or $18 for a six pack. They're smooth, and the added liquid nitrogen to each can gives it that extra kick. 

landscape coffee torontoFor pourover fans, you'll be happy to find a Poursteady machine here—just one of three in Canada. This Brooklyn-made machine takes the human error out of the pour, making for a perfect, iPad-programmed extraction. 

landscape coffee torontoTry a cup of the coveted Geisha roast ($10) from La Palma y El Tucan. It's this Colombian roaster's take on the celebrated (and most expensive) beans from Panama. 

landscape coffee torontoLandscape roasts their raw green beans in a vintage Probat machine from Barcelona, refurbished in Oklahoma. landscape coffee roasters torontoOther roasts include the Steel Wheel Espresso ($17 per bag) and the Ethiopian Yukro ($19), which you get in a cappuccino.

landscape coffee torontoTo prep your stomach for all the caffeine you'll be consuming, grab a bluberry scone ($2.40) or cookies ($2.10), baked and shipped each day from Lit's Roncy location

landscape coffee torontoAs far as coffee shops go, there aren't many in this area, so Landscape is a welcome pitstop. You can find their flash brewed cans at Longos and Sobeys now, though, if you're craving a boost pronto.

landscape coffee toronto

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