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Kitchenette is a hub for pre-packaged gourmet meals, baked goods, non-perishables, sandwiches and coffee near Danforth Avenue on Broadview Avenue. 

The cafe is an addition to Fresh Catering Co., an existing catering business that needed a physical space to operate out of back in 2019. 

kitchenette toronto Co-owner Pat Angelakos was originally hired to help design the storefront but shortly after jumped onto the project full-time to help with operations. 

kitchenette toronto Moving into the old location of Mihalis Dining, Kitchenette was slated to launch in early March 2020. Those plans were inevitably cancelled due to the pandemic. 

Instead, Kitchenette became a takeout meal and small-scale grocery store in Greektown.

kitchenette toronto Their made-to-go meals and no-prep gourmet dinners proved to be a success when people were in search of food that was easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious. 

kitchenette toronto With lockdowns over, Kitchenette's concept remains focused on takeout. All of their food is prepared by a team of three full-time chefs who are responsible for fare that's mostly made with a Mediterranean twist.  

kitchenette toronto The grocery section is a mix of non-perishables, refrigerated items and frozen foods.

kitchenette toronto Shelves are stocked with unique snack items like chorizo-flavoured chips, house-baked cookies, pasta sauces, olives imported from Greece and jams. 

kitchenette toronto Kitchenette also has a section for wines that you can purchase to-go that are sourced from producers you won't find at the LCBO. 

kitchenette toronto The main refrigerator is where the fine deli meats and European cheeses are located, plus regular items like eggs, pickles and canned beers. 

kitchenette toronto Kitchenette has a variety of heat-and-serve dinners such as shepherd's pie, lasagna, mac and cheese, pasta salads, and chicken pot pies. 

kitchenette toronto The frozen food at Kitchenette is impressive in contrast to mass-produced frozen meals found at big box grocery stores. Most of their selection is made in-house with items like potato lentil soup and turkey sweet potato chili. There are also vegan ice creams and pizzas made by General Assembly

kitchenette toronto The cafe portion of Kitchenette operates like most with the exception of a hot table that serves full meals with sides from noon until whenever they're sold out.  Angelakos tells blogTO that that's usually around mid-afternoon but it depends on the day. 

kitchenette torontoI tried the Brie Stuffed Chicken ($15.90) which features a small chicken breast that's stuffed with brie and topped with warm cranberry sauce. 

kitchenette toronto I found the cranberries pairing well with the rich meat and savoury cheese, which was integrated with each bite.

A side of carrots and beets are served along with garlic and leek-roasted potatoes for the complete meal. 

kitchenette torontoThe Sweet Potato Chickpea Wrap ($10.90) is made on a spinach tortilla and contains thick layers of hummus, spinach all surrounding chunks of tender sweet potato, chickpeas, roasted red peppers, red onion and corn. 

A lemon tahini dressing adds a fresh finish to the hearty vegetarian wrap that's a flavour-packed lunch. 

kitchenette torontoThe Kale Caesar Salad ($14) starts with a base of shredded kale, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage. It's then topped with bits of sweet potato, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas. 

kitchenette toronto Tossed in the same lemon tahini sauce as the sweet potato and chickpea wrap, it's topped with pieces of housemade croutons and cheese that remind me of a classic caesar salad in taste. 

kitchenetteKitchenette is serious about their baked goods. They have a team of bakers who supply the popular cookies, cake slices and seasonal tarts and bars. 

kitchenette torontoMy favourite is the Pumpkin Crumb Bar ($4.25) which tastes like a mini pumpkin cheesecake. The bottom and top layers are made from shortbread, the lower half being a crust while the upper portion is made into a crumble. 

The middle is a sweet pumpkin filling that's a nice pairing with the buttery notes of the shortbread. 

kitchenette torontoThe most popular cookie at Kitchenette is the Salted Chocolate Chip ($2.65). Its ingredients are simple and will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings. I like the cookie's slightly crispy surface and moist interior. 

kitchenette torontoLast but not least, the Coconut Almond Cake ($4.75) is made with almond flour, which makes this gluten-free. The spongy loaf melts in your mouth and is garnished with crunchy slices of almond and sweet touches of icing sugar. 

kitchenette toronto

Kitchenette's black exterior makes the outside of the cafe look chic and inviting. It's also conveniently located right beside Broadview Subway station, near Danforth. 

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Fareen Karim 

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