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Jule is a cute dessert cafe that serves up a little bit of everything . Near Yonge and College a few footsteps from the Carlton Theatre, it ably functions as a good pre-movie meeting spot with a spacious interior resplendent with warm colours that make you feel welcome the moment you walk in.

Bubble tea fans will be happy with the offerings here but Jule also serves up a variety of shakes, cakes and Asian lunch fare for those craving something beyond dessert and sweet beverages.

jule toronto

The house specialty is the Rice Noodle Soup ($7.49) with Szechuan-inspired flavours. There's a slight tongue-numbing spiciness (known as ma la) that's not overwhelming and it comes with tender pieces of pork that are full of flavour but not too fatty.

jule toronto

The Thai curry beef ($7.49) and the Thai curry seafood ($8.49) aren't necessarily packed with authentic Thai flavours but they still satisfy. The coconut milk based curry is on the mild side but the ingredients are fresh and the dishes are good value for the price.

jule toronto

Most of Jule's beverages can be customized according to your preferred level of sweetness. The Jule Caramel Pudding ($5.20) is a smooth milky beverage reminiscent of what the $5 milkshake might have tasted like in Pulp Fiction.

The Jule Oreo drink ($5.50) is surprisingly light - an impressive feat considering the abundance of crushed Oreo cookies floating within.

jule toronto

For dessert we try two cheesecakes - creme brulee and blueberry ($6.99 each).

The creme brulee comes with a fluffy vanilla bean cheesecake as its base, while the blueberry one is more akin to a conventional cheesecake but adorned with huge blueberry pieces.

jule toronto

The Triple Yoghurt Domino ($8.99) is an unconventional looking cake that reminds me of a traffic light. It's comprised of a yoghurt mousse with a thin layer of cake as its base and topped with strawberry, mango, and kiwi jam.

jule toronto

Posted by Darren "DKLo" Susilo. When not writing for blogTO he can usually be found tweeting here or pressing words into this blog . Photos by Hector Vasquez.

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