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Incha is a bubble tea brand from China that set up its first Canadian location in the Bay and College area.

Incha TorontoThe cafe has a minimalistic and modern interior that reminds me of a cross between an upscale condominium presentation centre and a lobby lounge. I kinda dig its bougie vibe.

Incha TorontoBeing a late entry into the bubble tea game means that Incha needs some unique offerings, and their signature drinks don't disappoint.

The Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Smoothie ($6.60) is a mix of chilled milk tea, ice, and brown sugar tapioca pearls blended into a slushy-like beverage. The addition of unblended brown sugar aloe vera jellies takes the drink's textural contrasts to the next level.

Incha TorontoEven more extra is their other signature drink, the Brown Sugar Macchiato Bubble Milk ($6.60), only available for holders of their customizable VIP card.

The combination of brown sugar, fresh milk, and cream is bruleed on top to create an interesting, lightly burnt-sweet drink that's quite unique.

Incha TorontoFor a multi-layer visual feast perfect for the 'gram, try the Brown Sugar Matcha Bubble Milk ($6.70) which adds a green layer of matcha to the fresh milk and brown sugar goodness already present in their other brown sugar drinks.

Incha TorontoFans of lighter drinks should try the Grapefruit Green Tea ($6.10) which is equal parts refreshing and lightly sweet. It's a great contrast to the other heavier drinks on offer.

Incha TorontoAnd don't forget the back-to-basics Black Tea Latte ($5.70): a simple and straightforward mix of fresh milk with chilled black tea. Available both hot and cold, it's definitely great for those who prefer less fussy (and less sweet) drinks.

Incha TorontoThere's snacks too, with a selection of cakes from 7 Baker available for purchase. The rather unimaginatively-named yet delicious Green Cake ($7.99) is among the best-sellers, with an easy-to-love light pistachio flavour.

Incha Toronto

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