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Early Bird Brookfield Place

Early Bird has brought its espressos and pretty healthy breakfasts to the concourse level of Brookfield Place.

Just steps away from the entrance to Union Station, this sleek version of the popular Queen West cafe is the new necessary breakfast stop on your way to the cubicle. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoWith the same menu as its original location save for two or three items, the food at this cafe is ideal for takeout, but its minimalist aesthetic is worth taking your ten minute break in.  

early bird brookfiled place torontoThere's ample seating here and the pine woodsy space feels exceptionally cozy despite sitting right next to a bustling subway station. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoIt's only batch coffee here, no pourovers like at the Queen cafe. Rotating beans from a roster of great roasters like 49th Parallel, Coffee Collective, Calgary's Monogram and Pilot Coffee, Early Bird changes their options every month. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoOrdering at the counter, you'll find a selection of energy balls ($3) made in-house with all sorts of healthy ingredients like spirulina and ginger turmeric.

early bird brookfiled place torontoDecadent donuts from Glory Hole are just small enough to relieve some guilt (live a little) and come in flavours like Ferrero, black forest, butter roast or butter pecan for $3 each. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoBaked goods like chocolate chip cookies ($3.25) and croissants come from Drake Commissary on Sterling Road. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoPremium, artsy cereal bowl- and avocado toast-flavoured chocolate bars from LA's Compartes are seriously pricey impulse items at $18.50, which is more expensive than anything else on Early Bird's offer. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoThe coffee shop has a standard menu of caffeinated favourites like macchiatos and lattes plus loose leaf teas. The matcha latte adds a kick of colour to your already colourful meal, using Bolivian beans for $5.50.

early bird brookfiled place torontoThe nitro brew ($.45) uses Pilot Coffee beans this time, making for the pick-me-up you didn't know you needed, because cooling caffeine is way more revitalizing than a hot cup of coffee. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoAlong the back of the cafe is a fridge of Greenhouse Juices ($8 each) and little cups of beautiful breakfast bites. The overnight oats ($7.50) are handy vegan snacks made from coconut yogurt, oats, peanut powder, and a variety of tropical fruits. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoThe breakfast sandwich ($9.60) is satisfying and messy; napkins are definitely required to eat these palm-sized sandwiches.

early bird brookfiled place torontoComing on an Ace Bakery bun, its topped with a runny egg, a turkey sausage patty and cheddar cheese from Cheese Boutique

early bird brookfield place torontoWhile the coffee is really enjoyable here, the healthy, greened out breakfast foods of Early Bird is undoubtedly the main draw here.

early bird brookfiled place torontoJust looking at the hummus toast ($10.50) will make any morning grumpy head feel a little better. Arriving in a recyclable box, its sprinkled with edible flowers; its sourdough bread from Drake Commissary prevents the sandwich from getting too soggy.

The housemade pink hummus is especially pretty since its mixed with beets – something they like to incorporate into their sauces – and topped off with micro greens. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoThe eggs benny ($12.50) is definitely the star of the entire menu, tasting as good as it looks. Mixed greens and a beet hollandaise sauce douses a poached egg atop an English muffin. 

early bird brookfiled place torontoThe veggie mix is perfect but, again, beware of juicy yolk spills on your clean dress shirt. For its price this order is certainly a worthwhile breakfast. 
early bird brookfiled place torontoThis simple space certainly beats a visit to Mcdonalds for breakfast: as usual, the suits of Brookfield Place get the best of the best with a spot that carries high quality coffee and outstanding morning meals. early bird brookfiled place toronto

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