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Coffee Public on Bay

Coffee Public, previously known as Coffee Pub , has taken over the space formerly occupied by a Second Cup on the ground level of an office tower near Bay and College. The cafe serves up fair-trade coffee, teas, breakfast, lunch and pastries.

Co-owner Erin Cluley tells me the change from "Pub" to "Public" mostly had to do with bolstering their catering service. "Pub" didn't really elicit thoughts of sandwiches and pastries so replacing this word with "public" was a quick fix.

Coffee Public Toronto

As with their outpost in Artscape Youngplace , this location boasts lots of space, high ceilings and ample seating. Here, there are two bar-height counters positioned along the large front windows and seven smaller patio-style tables scattered throughout the rest of the cafe.

Coffee Public Toronto

First thing's first: we need our morning pick-me-up. We both order a latte ($4.03 for a large) to start. The latte is made with a Gaggia espresso machine, and is served in a glass mug, which is a nod to when the cafe used to operate as a cafe-pub (their former and now-closed location in the Centre for Social Innovation had a liquor license. This location does not).

Coffee Public Toronto

The coffee beans are from Fresh Coffee Network (synonymous with Merchants of Green , the roasters' storefront), from whom the cafe owners have been sourcing since they opened their first location in the CSI.

There's also a wide selection of organic loose-leaf teas (blacks, greens, herbals - $2.45 each) that come from Whole World Tea , a small local tea vendor.

Coffee Public Toronto

I'm liking the look of the food here so we order the "Hand Pie" ($4.50). This flaky and buttery pastry envelopes a savoury concoction of pork sausage, bell peppers and cheddar. It's delicious and makes a perfect morning snack.

Coffee Public Toronto

The Florentine ($5.50) is a delicious breakfast sandwich with egg, spinach, mushroom, red onion and goat cheese from 100KM Foods nestled between two slices of thick-cut fresh focaccia bread from OMG . The sandwiches are available all day - or until they run out.

Coffee Public Toronto

The Whoast Beef Sandwich (as in "WOAH, roast beef!" Cluley explains. She's aware it's a bit cheesey) ($10) comes between two slices of sourdough bread from Prairie Boy. It's filled with Sanagan's roast beef and topped with mayo, horseradish, red onion, tomato and fontina cheese from Cheese Boutique . It's filling and satisfying.

Coffee Public Toronto

On the sweeter side, Coffee Public sells brownies, cookies, muffins and granola bars.

Coffee Public Toronto

All of the food is made either in-house or in the cafe's commissary kitchen at Christie and Davenport, which is also where they run their catering service.

Coffee Public Toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns.

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