The Everleigh

The Everleigh is a brand new club on King West just east of Portland. The Everleigh's Facebook page notes that the Everleigh is a fresh take on Canadian nightlife interpreted through nostalgia, art, music, cocktails and culture and is the seventh venture from (C)apture Group, helmed by Toronto hospitality trendsetters Zark Fatah and Ralf Madi . It should also be noted that the first result when googling Fatah and Madi are their profiles from a charity date auction (though I'm a bit confused- could I date them both at the same time? Or do I get two separate dates for one price? What does it mean when a guy says "her style" is a dealbreaker? Is it any specific style, or all of them??)

Hoping to catch a glimpse of Fatah and Madi, I attended the grand opening of the Everleigh. It's located above Quad (possibly concerning if you bought a 25-class pack on New Year's Day and never attended) atop a staircase (possibly concerning if you are wearing stilettos and predrank a mickey of sourpuss). Cover is usually $10-20 depending on the night, but you can sometimes get around it by RSVPing a few days in advance.

The interior of the club is stunningly decorated with attention paid to every detail. The theme of the club, reinterpreted Canadiana, is executed perfectly. The Everleigh is a long space divided into two rooms. The southern room represents southern Ontario - it's the room made for dancing up a (snowbelt-triggered) storm. There are booths for bottle service (GTA), room for standing and talking about intellectual pursuits (Kitchener-Waterloo), and a second bar should you need drinks immediately and can't handle the time it would take to walk to the main bar (London).

The northern room represents cottage country. There are vintage-looking sofas and loveseats with old-timey typewriters, gorgeous wood tables and stools, and Muskoka chairs. This area also has a billiards table and is finished with a Canadian geese installation on the ceiling and original Alec Monopoly art on the walls.

I was apprehensive to venture even further north into the washrooms for fear of no toilet paper or clean water (as with what's been happening in Attawapiskat ) but the ladies room was equally stunning with a communal canoe sink and maple leaf details.

The atmosphere of the club makes for a great vibe. The speaker set-up ensured that the direct flow of music, like tax dollars, was to the south. At the beginning of the night, most patrons were in the lounge area and playing billiards, but by the end, the dance floor ruled.

The Facebook page boasts creative mixology but when I asked about cocktails, the menu had yet to be finalized so I ordered a vodka soda ($8). The liquor bottles have SmartServe inserts that ensure exactly one ounce is poured, which is either a bad thing (if you're attractive and used to getting extra-strong drinks for free) or a good thing (if you're paranoid about paying for an ounce of liquor and getting .94 ounces).

Unfortunately, I didn't see Fatah and Madi while I was there (or possibly they look different in real life than the several pages of Google images I pored over) but it's safe to say I will be returning to The Everleigh sooner than later (after RSVPing - I need to save as much capital as possible for the impending restraining order). It's a fun, patriotic place that has a thought-out, well executed theme. It would be a great place to go with some fellow Canadaphiles or possibly, as a second post-charity-auction date. Just don't criticize my style.

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