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Offworld Bar

Offworld Bar is a space-themed destination with intergalactic cocktails and snack plates. 

The vision for the space was created by Jason Kapalka, a Canadian video game designer and the brains behind Storm Crow Manor

offworld bar torontoKapalka wanted to bring together the outlandish style of nerdy cocktails and the energy of Storm Crow and put it into a bar that was a bit more elevated. 

offworld bar torontoWalking inside, it's meant to feel like you've stepped inside a spaceship and travelled to an outer world. There are several screens surrounding the bar and the ceiling that mimic the windows of a spacecraft.

offworld bar torontoEvery once in a while, a countdown appears and a new interstellar landscape appears on the screens meant to show that you've skyrocketed to another planet. 

offworld bar torontoThe rest of the bar is engulfed in an array of bright red, green and blue neon lighting. Four large-scale velvet booths line the back of the bar for larger groups and parties, plus soon-to-be bottle service. 

offworld bar torontoThere's a mix of lounge chairs and 2-seater tables that lead up to the bar counter where there are more stools for seating. Dancing above are holograms of an astronaut's helmet reflecting from the ceiling. 

offworld bar torontoThe music played here adds to the cosmic ambience with a set of familiar hits that are mixed with Euro techno. There's a live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9 p.m. 

offworld bar torontoThe cocktail list at Offworld was created with entertainment in mind. The outer world drinks were inspired by the unique pieces of glassware sourced by the team. 

offworld torontoThe Tikinaut ($20) is an example of this. Both Wray & Nephew and Goslings rums are combined with coconut crème, housemade kiwi syrup, lemon, and lime. Angostura bitters add a kick to this tropical-flavoured drink.

The drink is poured into the astronaut's backpack of the service vessel, with a flashing light that glows from underneath the liquid. 

offworld bar torontoThe No Tribble ($18) is both a sweet snack and a cocktail. Here, a heavy layer of vanilla and cherry-flavoured cotton candy engulfs the glass. 

offworld bar torontoWhen you put a straw inside, the sweet cushion of candy melts into the alcoholic concoction underneath which is made using 1800 Reposado tequila, Cointreau and Lambrusco.

The drink is finished with cherry soda. I found the fizz and sugar hid the stronger flavours from the tequila. 

offworld bar torontoHivemind ($18) looks like something you'd find in a scientist's laboratory. The double-chambered glass is filled with banana liqueur and 1800 Silver tequila in the outer bowl. There's another tiny beaker inside that contains Cointreau, Blue Curacao and lime juice. 

offworld bar torontoThe cocktail is completely emptied into a serving glass that contains a piece of dry ice, which results in this smoke effect at the table. The taste reminds me of an alcoholic juice box that has the kick from tequila. 

offworld bar torontoThe food here is meant to be shared and isn't substantial enough for dinner, but are snacks that complement the drinks. 

offworld bar torontoMy favourite was the Beef Foie Gras Nanoburgers ($21). The mini sliders are smothered with a layer of fig compote and foie and packed into tiny buns. 

It's a complementary combination between the buttery rich texture of the foie gras with the gritty meat patty and sweet fig. 

offworld bar torontoThe Hyperlight Pretzel ($12) is sourced from Monmartre Bakery in Scarborough.

On the first bite, it's quite tough but softens up when dunked into the house-made beer cheese dip that's heavy in cheddar flavour. 

offworld bar toronto

Other cheese items include Belter's Burrata ($18) which garnishes the milky cheese with microgreens. Three juicy, blistered grape tomatoes are featured on the plate with caramelized olive sauce.

The delicate, creamy burrata melts in your mouth with each bite of the toasted sourdough bread. 

offworld bar torontoThe entrance to Offworld Bar is tucked among the strip of restaurants near Queen and Palmerston. Look for the holographic projections beckoning in curious customers. 

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Fareen Karim 

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Offworld Bar

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Offworld Bar

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