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Bar 244

Bar 244 is a nightclub for those looking for a non-pretentious club that plays music you can actually dance to. 

This bar has notoriously served thousands of university students over the years, with the cheapeast drinks (just $3) you could ever find in the Entertainment District

When lockdowns hit in 2020, Bar 244 shut down and didn't open again (not even through pseudo-openings in Toronto) until January 2022. 

bar 244 torontoJasmine Daya took new ownership, she also runs Brash and Sassy Vodka Bar (previously Pravda Vodka Bar), a second nightlife venue she took on outside of her day job as a lawyer. 

bar 244 torontoDaya kept the spirit of Bar 244, but says she hired a better DJ and developed the drink menu to be a little more sophisticated than just $3 mixed drinks. 

bar 244 torontoThe busiest night of the week here are Saturdays around 11:30 p.m., when lines blur between lines at the bar and the two levels of dance floors in the building. 

bar 244 torontoWith drinks up in price, Daya thought it would only be fair to eliminate cover for Bar 244, so you won't need to worry about scrambling to find an ATM when you get there. 

Remixes of top 40 songs blare out from the DJ booth, and no one is really concerned about who's watching them dance, it's just an all around good time. 

bar 244 torontoStart the night out by choosing from a list of funny, sometimes crude nicknames for premium shots on the menu at Bar 244.

bar 244 torontoThis one called the Buttery Nipple ($9.00) combines a butterscoth liqueur and Salted Caramel Baileys for a sweet swig of what tastes like a sundae in your mouth. 

bar 244 torontoGet a little more fancy with a Tulum Martini ($15.00). Pineapple juice, coconut-flavoured Ciroc and lychee juice make up this deliciously tropical cocktail that is sure to make you feel like you're on an episode of Sex and the City. 

bar 244 torontoI can't tell you the last time I ordered myself a drink that was a funky colour like this one, however, it still tasted good.

The Adios Motherfu**er ($9.00) resembles a Long Island Iced Tea, with a base of rum, tequila and gin. Blue Curacao is added into the mix and it's topped with sprite. 

bar 244 torontoBar 244 has sat at the corner of Adelaide and Duncan Street, outlasting some of the biggest clubs on the block that have since closed, like Crocodile Rock

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Hector Vasquez

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