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Bar 244 is a two-level bar in the Club District. The upper level is designed to be more casual where the lower level is a hotbed of dancing, body heat and spilled liquor. If the levels were Tanner sisters, the upstairs would be DJ (relaxed, a little classier, secretly siblings with an insane evangelist ) while the downstairs would be Stephanie (free spirit, has a history of getting in traffic accidents, grows up to be a meth addict ).

I was genuinely excited to visit this bar as the only time I had ever previously been to Bar 244, two people had sex on the dance floor. (I swear on my tattered copy of the Beatles Anthology this is true.) Would the sex-havers be back? Or, better yet, would more and different people have dancefloor sex? Unfortunately, this voyeuristic creepo didn't spot anyone doin' the nasty at the bar. However, the experience more than made up for it.

The DJ Tanner level of the club looks fairly standard for a bar, with fancy lighting and bar stools. The Stephanie Tanner level looks as though it was designed by Josef Fritzl .

After paying $5 in cover and checking my coat ($2), I made my way to the downstairs bar. I knew better than to push my luck and ask for a signature cocktail, so I ordered a vodka-cran (Non-douchebag translation: vodka and cranberry juice). It was nice and strong and at $3, it was a great price, especially for the area.

The real star of the evening was DJ Tyler, the resident disc jockey of 244. First, I must commend him on his creative DJ name. Second, I must say that his DJing brought this bar from Obama's Not Bad face (not bad) to the scene of Life's Too Short where Liam Neeson decides to do comedy (so good you will tell your uninterested TTC driver about it). DJ Tyler has DJing down to a fine science (Is DJing a science or an art? Discussion to follow in the comments).

He mashed up Top 40 songs with oldies, played a good mix of various genres and ensured everyone in that weird dungeon was having an amazing time. All of my companions (males AND females, aged 20-35, at least three different races present) commented on the terrific music. Kudos to Tyler; you are a scholar and a gentleman.*

Sometimes I feel like the Goldilocks of bars: "This bar is too hot." "This bar is too cold." "Too many people are doing cocaine at this club." "Not enough people are doing cocaine at this club." But I feel as though I have finally found my perfect bowl of oatmeal to steal from an anthropomorphized bear cub. Bar 244 has cheap drinks, friendly patrons and great music. Even if you don't get to see people gettin' it on the dance floor, it's a great place worthy of your weekend night.

* Disclaimer: No one from blogTO has met DJ Tyler. We do not take legal liability if he is, in fact, an ignoramus and a scoundrel.

Bar 244

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