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Patty Time

Patty Time is one of Scarborough's best loved Jamaican joints. Instantly recognizable thanks to its iconic red and white sign, this small storefront is known up and down Lawrence East for its selection of spicy snacks.

The restaurant occupies a tiny unit on the edge of a quiet strip mall. It's been a fixture of the neighbourhood for more than ten years.

patty time scarboroughThe space is sparsely decorated, with only a map of Jamaica and a small collection of photographs adorning the walls.

If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the patties being made through a set of swinging double doors.

Don't expect the staff to look up from their work, though — these bakers have a lot of orders to get through.

patty time scarboroughPatty Time is one of the busiest takeout restaurants in the area, with customers packed so tightly that it’s often difficult to read the menu chalkboard.

Thankfully, Patty Time's menu is fairly limited, so you won't need to study it for long.

Dishes such as jerk chicken, stewed oxtail and goat curry are available for a fraction of what other restaurants charge.

Caribbean soft drinks and canned coconut water can be found in a cooler behind the counter.

But as the restaurant's name indicates, Jamaican patties are the main attraction. These turmeric-tinted pastries are light, flaky and filled with delicious meat and spices.

patty time scarboroughBeef patties put their grocery store counterparts to shame with their even texture and flavourful filling. The mixture is sweet at first, with a spice that sneaks up on you the more you eat.patty time scarboroughChicken patties are just as tasty, with subtle hints of curry in every bite.patty time scarboroughA hand-drawn sign affixed to the counter helpfully informs visitors of the differences between beef and chicken patties, which look identical save for a red dot on the crust.

Of the two options, the beef patty was my personal favourite, though the chicken is still well worth trying.patty time scarboroughBoth types of patty can be purchased individually ($2.75) or by the dozen ($25.99).

If home cooking is more your style, worry not: Patty Time also offers packages of frozen patties, perfect for baking, frying or microwaving in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Be sure to bring cash if you plan on buying a box: Patty Time doesn't accept debit or credit.patty time scarboroughPatty Time is located at 2919 Lawrence Ave E.

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Patty Time

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Patty Time

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