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You can order an ant-size version of yourself in Toronto to give to someone you love

Forget the flowers, chocolates or smash hearts — the perfect Valentine's Day gift could be a miniature version of your partner to carry around in your pocket, or at least that's what a new Toronto attraction is proposing.

"Show your Valentine how much you love them by having them shrunk down to keep on your desk, in your pocket or hang in your car," a press release from Little Canada reads.

Little Canada, a new attraction opening across from Dundas Square in 2021, announced a "Little Me Experience" this week.

Although the attraction, offering a miniature version of Canada, is not yet open, it's offering people the chance to get life-like miniatures "when it is finally safe to do so."

little canada

Guests can go inside the Littlization Station to get an image for a mini-figurine.

The Little Me Experience offers visitors the opportunity to step inside a "Littlization Station," where 128 cameras will take an instantaneous photo of you.

The image is used to create two miniatures — one "Little Me" to keep and another that will be placed inside the Little Canada miniature attraction. The customer can choose the location — there will be five destinations including Little Niagara, Little Toronto, Petit Quebec and Little North.

little canada

One figure will be placed in the Little Canada display.

Couples can even enter the Littlization Station as a pair because nothing says love like being permanently fused together.

There are four different sizes – from a three-quarter-inch figure at $79 to a nine-inch Little Me at $479. Those interested in this gift can buy a Little Me Experience Voucher now to be redeemed during a visit to Little Canada once the attraction is open to the public.

You can also buy a Little Canada Passport now for when you visit the venue in the future.

So if you haven't got your Valentine's gifts yet, and the idea of carrying around a tiny version of your partner appeals, this could be a nice little gift.

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