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John Mulaney apologized to Toronto on SNL by wearing a t-shirt

Comedian John Mulaney came up with a silent but powerful way to apologize for cancelling his show in Toronto for the third time to be on SNL.

What you wear can say a lot about you, and in this case, it seems like Mulaney is trying to say he's sorry for the repeat cancellations. His Toronto show has now been rescheduled again for April.

Reactions to the gesture were mixed, with some SNL viewers thankful for the shout out to Toronto, and others unappreciative of what they felt was a hollow gesture.

Those in favour of the tee called the move "cool," "classy," "a nice touch," and "sweet," saying they're "shook" and that Mulaney is "back in the good books."

Others commented that it was most definitely NOT cool, and that here in Toronto we forgive but don't forget. 

Some felt Mulaney's time would have been better spent doing a show in Toronto, as they weren't necessarily fans of his SNL performance and felt it was something he could have done another time.

However, others thought it was a riot, and that being able to see him perform on TV was a fair trade-off for postponing a live show.

Those not from Toronto just wondered why the heck he was wearing a tee with the name of our fair city on it.

On the other hand, Torontonians know locals are always whipped into a frenzy by any mention of Toronto on a larger platform.

Aside from the fact that we're nice forgiving Canadians, many are accepting of the fact that shows being rescheduled can be a disappointing norm, and are just happy to be along for the rollercoaster ride. 

Some are even suggesting that the running joke of Mulaney's shows in Toronto continuously being cancelled is becoming even funnier than one of his sets.

All of us here in Toronto are just wondering what the reason for cancelling the next show might be, and if Mulaney will ever actually perform here again.

Whenever he does make it here, apparently local band PUP is willing to show him around.

Whether he takes them up on their offer or not remains to be seen.

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