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The top 10 cover-up tattoo artists in Toronto

The top cover-up tattoo artists in Toronto are hard to come by. Not every artist offers cover ups and even if they do, you want to make sure you’re not covering up your previously unloved tattoo with something you equally don’t like.

Here are my picks for the top cover-up tattoo artists in Toronto.

Amber Robyn, Chronic Ink

Whether you want a refresh on your current tattoo or want a complete cover up, Amber’s a fabulous tattooist to go to. Their vibrant colour choices combined with their realistic, illustrative style and experience with tattoo cover ups, especially covering scars, makes them one of the best choices to give new life to your old tattoos.

Roumen Kirinkov, Passage Tattoo

A staple at Passage, Roumen’s large-scale black and grey designs are great for someone looking to get a larger, realistic-looking tattoo cover up. He can give you an incredibly detailed portrait or maybe something a little more abstracted, depending on your tastes.

Helen, Meowl Tattoos

For the past four years, Helen has been fixing up tattoos that need a bit of love. She’ll help you work with what’s already there to give you a refresh on a faded piece or a complete redesign rather than just plaster over it.

Jacqueline Pavan, Storm Horse Tattoo

As the owner of Storm Horse Tattoo, Jacqueline has years of experience and can help you regardless of the style of tattoo you’re looking to get. While most of her work is illustrative, she’s also adept at realistic portraits along with more abstract pieces.

Enoch Ng, Flow Tattoo

With his illustrative blackwork designs that skew a little traditional, Enoch can help you make your unwanted ink disappear under one of his original creations. He’s able to give you precise details using thin lines and pops of white against bold lines and shading to give you a tattoo you’d be excited about.

Alie K, Tattoo This Way

Another versatile artist, Alie has a large portfolio of neo-traditional designs that can help you hide your tattoo under a wall of colour. She’s adept at fine lines, portraits, mandalas and a variety of other styles to help you find a cover up you’ll be happy with.

Pablo Gil, Pablo Fine Arts Studio

Another artist who does hyper realistic work, Pablo can hook you up with a detailed design from his private studio. With around a decade of experience, after he’s done, you’ll probably forget about the tattoo that’s underneath.

Caroline T, Peekaboo Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for something that’s a little more traditional or a cartoon/anime inspired tattoo, Caroline is a skilled artist who’s done some amazing floral cover ups. Her style and shop’s welcoming atmosphere is a amazing option for someone who doesn’t know where to start with their cover up.

Tania Zhang, Young St. Tattoo

With traditional designs inspired by mermaids, ships and sea life, Tania’s aquatic sensibilities make her a great choice for anyone looking to not only cover their old ink, but make your previously unconnected tattoos seem a bit more cohesive.

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