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10 famous people visiting Toronto this summer 2013

In case you find yourself with a shortage of things to do this summer, why not pick up some binoculars and massive shades and brush up on your stalking skills? You can add a fantastic story of getting arrested to your repertoire. It'll be a summer you'll never forget! Here, ten famous people visiting Toronto this summer.

Bob Dylan
The times they may be a-changin', but some things always remain the same. The awesomeness of Bob Dylan is one of those things. This harmonica-wielding legend introduced the flipping Beatles to weed, and he'll be performing in TO on July 15. Fuck working on Maggie's farm, Dylan is coming! The dude has been touring basically forever, but the chance to see him is still a total privilege. Tix range in price from $45 to $110, and the Americanarama Festival of Music will be visiting the Molson Amphitheatre, and will also include Wilco and My Morning jacket, just in case, you know, Dylan's not enough. This guy is way more than just a pawn in the game.

Hillary Clinton
Former US Secretary of State (in case you didn't know what she was famous for...) Hillary Clinton will speak in Toronto this summer as part of the Unique Lives and Experiences Series (you'd think they could come up with a better name?) set to take place at the Metro Convention Centre on June 20. Tickets range in price from $45 to $300. Apparently Clinton is paid six figures for her appearances. Good luck tracking this one down outside of the venue.

Bill Clinton
Bill is speaking a couple of weeks before Hill. Maybe he'll stay in our fair city a while longer and they'll hook up again? Anyway, he's speaking on June 4 at the 1871 Berkeley Church at an event called A Night out with the Millennium Network. To shake things up a little bit, there will be a "special acoustic performance" by Tegan and Sara. Because that's congruous. Three (two?) famous people in one! Tickets start at the low low price of $150, which includes an open bar. Packages climb to $10,000, though, and those include involvement in the Clinton Foundation as well as photos with the former president.

Willem Dafoe
Ok, so Willem Dafoe might not be on the A- list, but that just fits into his identity as a true artist. He doesn't act for the money. It's all about the art. Right? Dafoe will talk about The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic as part of the Luminato festival on June 15. Up for discussion is the art of collaboration in theatre with John Rockwell of The New York Times. They'll speak at the Isabel Bader Theatre. Tickets are $35.

Condoleeza Rice
Another former U.S. Secretary of State! Rice will speak on June 13 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as part of the 2013 Spirit of Hope Benefit. The benefit raises money for the North York's Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. The goal of the initiative is to enhance tolerance and human rights through discussion of international affairs and democracy. You can pay any amount between $200 and $50,000. Take your pick.

David Hasselhoff
Whatever you do, don't bring a cheesburger to this event. It could get ugly, as the Knight Rider really likes a good burger but isn't all that good at eating them. Hasselhoff makes an appearance at Fan Expo Canada. Dates are TBA, but there will be autograph and photo ops for all you fine ladies and dudes who had crushes on him in the '80s or whatever. I always thought KITT was the star of the show (and we know what was the star on Baywatch). Appearances will be made at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Hova will descend upon the city July 17, with apparent sidekick Justin Timberlake in tow. (Can we have Yeezy instead, actually?) Anyways, you can't knock the hustle, and I just wanna love that flava in ya ear. The god will grace the Rogers Centre, with tickets starting at $297. Ball so hard, (bitch behave). So change clothes and go.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is quite possibly the greatest actor to have lived. Seeing him in the flesh would make anyone's day/week/month/year. But, do make sure to avoid traveling to the Lightbox during Rush Hour, because the audience will likely be overflowing from the various events that the master is taking part in. He'll be announcing three films as part of A Century of Chinese Cinema: Police Story, Drunken Master, and The Legend of Drunken Master. Chan will visit Toronto on June 12 and 13.

This bootylicious baby never quits, and she's hitting up TO. Apparently people seem to think she's pretty hot or something, and a decent dancer? Not really sure why. But anyway, Hova's woman will perform the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour at the ACC on July 21. It doesn't appear that the show is sold out at the moment because all the single ladies snapped em up, but they might add more later/there are always scalpers. (They sold for $60 to $270, FYI).

Justin Bieber
Baby Biebs will visit Toronto on July 25. The Stratford native (dear god, remember that gaffe?) is going buck wild these days, so watch out if you're one of millions of little girls trying to stalk him. He's reportedly been indulging in fast driving and marijuana usage via bongs, which are definitely the least classy method of imbibing. Bieber iwll perform at the ACC, and it looks like it's sold out. Check out Urban Outfitters or the Starbucks in Stratford for unofficial viewings. Best of luck!

More famous people coming to TO this summer:

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