From the Flickr Pool: Breaking Through The Fog

We've had some pretty wild weather is Toronto lately, today being no exception. So for this "From The Flickr Pool" mosaic, I've select a few photos which both highlight the thick fog that has covered our city for weeks, and the beautiful sunsets that we see every once in a while after these blanketing storms pass.

Not to limit the collection too much, I've also included a fun fisheye photo of City Hall, and an interesting night shot of the Bay Adelaide Tower demolition. As always, thanks for adding to the pool! Keep the submissions coming!

1. Queen Street E. Foggy Morn - 2. Towering Floating - 3. ...and the fog rolled in...

4. Fishey of City Hall - 5. Good Morning World - Happy Friday - 6. Demolition

7. Dawn Nears - 8. Box of Light - 9. Sunset landing

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