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The top 10 wacky & random skills to learn in Toronto

Want to learn a new skill? Toronto is full of classes that will teach you how to cook, play music, sail or get fit. But what does Toronto offer to those of us looking for something a bit less conventional? I've scoured the city to find the 10 wackiest skills to learn from underwater adventuring to how to ride a unicycle. So take your pick, grab some friends and prepare to get (creatively) weird.

Here are the top 10 wacky and random skills to learn in Toronto.

How to channel your inner lumberjack at the Backyard Axe Throwing League
If there's such a thing as the perfect place to get in touch with your inner stereotypical Canadian, this is it. Round up your plaid-clad pals and register your group to compete in the League - or, make your next birthday a literal bash by hitting the BATL's warehouse, the "BATL Grounds," for the event. Either way, fun times will be in full swing (get it?) as your group learns the techniques of a true timber cruiser.

How to blow glass like a champ at Playing with Fire
As if the name of the place doesn't entice enough, glassblowing studio Playing with Fire in the Junction offers workshops for anyone in need of a creative boost (or glass blown tumblers or other shiny, homey knickknacks). Their newest "Glass Hearts and T-Shirts," which runs until the end of February, is a hit - but if couple-y activities aren't really your thing, gather some pyromaniac chums for one of their other sessions to make sure the next thing you accidentally smash to bits is something you made yourself.

How to ride a unicycle at Toronto Unicyclists
If navigating your bike through Toronto's winter traffic has soured the sport for you, try hitting a one-wheeler. Toronto Unicyclists meet in the heart of the city year-round, and welcomes everyone from the uni-noobs to the super champs to come out and practice the art of avoiding face-plants.

How to (literally) clown around at Hart House
They say laughter is good for the soul, right? "Discovering your hidden clown" is the goal of this class, which welcomes even the non-funny. Whether you really do want to tap into your funny bone or just need to finally get over that lingering childhood phobia, these professionally-guided lessons will season you into an expert chuckle-inducing goofball.

How to battle like a knight at the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Yeah, this is a thing. And there's selection: students can sign up according to their combat of choice, whether that be grappling, daggers, swords, armoured combat, spears, archery - or even mounted combat (yes, with horses). Whatever your method, prepare to join the ranks of your Holy Grail heroes.

How to body-paint at the Alchemy Center
Because who wants to paint on canvas when you can paint on yourself? The Alchemy Center offers body-painting workshops that will not only give your right-brain skills a nice tune up, but also let you appreciate your bod in a whole new way.

How to brew beer like an 1800s gent at Black Creek Pioneer Village
This may be the coolest DIY you'll ever undertake: try brewing your own beer in a nineteenth-century setting, using antique retired crafting methods - oh, and while sporting an 1800s-era costume. If you like beer, and you like old-fashioned things (like old-fashioned beer), take the Brewing with the Brewmaster workshop at Black Creek Pioneer Village and take home a 2-litre growler of your own hand-crafted ale.

How to print in 3D at the Hot Pop Factory
3D printing is one of those Next Big Things - one that you probably want to check out. The workshops offered at the Hot Pop Factory introduce students to this futuristic new technology, and even let students get their own designs printed in 3D. Bring your own laptop, mouse and USB stick and step into the future at one of these too-cool classes.

How to turn your trash into treasure at Toronto Recycling Arts
Art-loving environmentalists, rejoice: Toronto Recycling Arts (a member of the Neighbourhood Arts Network) teaches classes that let you turn found items into masterpieces. From art journals to sculptures and tons more, students will learn to think outside the (recycling) box to revamp old junk. While they're closed for the snowy season, their garden re-opens with the warm weather - and until then, you can invite them to your place for an in-house workshop.

How to shipwreck at Save Ontario Shipwrecks (Toronto Chapter)
If you're looking for an interesting summertime hobby, try searching past the shallow end: shipwrecking is crazy-fun, fascinating, terrifying and a good workout all at the same time (and no, you're not actually wrecking the ships - you're exploring them). Save Ontario Shipwrecks teaches underwater archaeological training courses that prep you to dive deep into the history drowned in Ontario waters, adventuring to some of the most popular local shipwrecks, uncovering their stories and learning to love their underwater environment.

Writing by Amanda Storey

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