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The top 15 spring running events in Toronto 2015

Posted by Libby Roach / March 29, 2015

spring running events torontoThe top running events in Toronto this spring are a bumper crop of races with routes designed to tempt novices into embracing the sport or to help seasoned vets hone their skills after a winter on the dreadmill.

Spring's batch of races brings a wide range of options; straight up races go head to head with muddy obstacle courses, Amazing Race rip-offs and notably, a US import by way of the Nike Women's Run. There's really no better way to see the city then on foot-hibernation time is over.

Here are my top picks for spring running events in Toronto.

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New Bills owner would welcome NFL team in Toronto

Posted by Derek Flack / March 25, 2015

nfl team torontoWhen Terry Pegula took ownership of the Buffalo Bills and vowed to keep them in Western New York, it looked like the dream of an NFL team in Toronto might be dead (or at least put on ice for a long time). That might not be the case, however.

Recent comments from the Bills owner indicate that he'd support a rival team in Toronto, and that he indicated as much when he made himself a candidate for Bills' ownership after the passing of Ralph Wilson.

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The Leafs are so bad that attendance is finally down

Posted by Derek Flack / March 24, 2015

Toronto Maple Leafs attendanceHas it finally happened? Are the Toronto Maple Leafs so bad that attendance at the Air Canada Centre has taken a hit? If last night's game against the Minnesota Wild is any indication, fans seem to have reached a new level of frustration with the poorly performing team.

Last night's announced attendance was 18,366, which is the lowest ever recorded at the ACC (though, in fairness, the arena's capacity is 18,819). The Leafs scrambled to sell off tickets on game day at some of the lowest prices that have been seen in years, but they didn't manage to get up to capacity.

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30 creative costumes from Toronto Comicon

Posted by Staff / March 23, 2015

toronto comiconToronto Comicon 2015 featured legendary actors and artists from the sci-fi, fantasty and comic worlds, but as always, the fan costumes were just as much of an attraction. This year's cosplay subjects featured the usual Marvel and DC standbys, a healthy smattering of Big Hero 6 characters, and a few unexpected twists on old favourites (who knew Deadpool was a Mountie)?

Check out 30 of the best costumes from Toronto Comicon 2015 in our style section.
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The top 15 events in Toronto for spring 2015

Posted by Aubrey Jax / March 23, 2015

spring events torontoThe top events in Toronto this spring have a lot of competition, from the Naked Bike Ride, the Feminist Porn Awards, and Inside Out to controversial Record Store Day to the start of street festival mania. Yet there's no denying that the festivals or even one day events below are the city's most anticipated this season.

Here are my picks for the top events in Toronto this spring.

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The top 10 wellness centres and clinics in Toronto

Posted by Lori Harito / March 22, 2015

wellness centre torontoWellness centres and clinics in Toronto provide an integrated approach to addressing whole body ailments through a combination of treatments and practitioners like chiropractors, naturopaths, yoga, nutritionist and other holistic and medical approaches to health maintenance. You can walk in and have all your needs met for whole body wellness - whether you need to address muscle strain, start a personal training routine or just need a relaxing massage, wellness centres let you do as much or as little as your schedule or budget allow.

Here are my picks for the top wellness centres and clinics in Toronto.

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