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Courage Foods / Prepared Foods

946 Kingston Rd 416.693.2233 Website
Courage Foods

Courage Foods is the kind of place where you can always count on it to smell good inside. This cozy little Upper Beaches grocery store on Kingston Road sells carefully...

St. Andrew Poultry / Butcher

17 St. Andrew St. 416.596.7305
St. Andrew Poultry

St. Andrew Poultry, a Kensington Market fixture for fresh and affordable fowl since 1962, has undergone a huge makeover. People who still fondly remember the days when you could go...

Feast / Prepared Foods

881 Queen St. West 647.350.1881 Website

Feast is a new allergy-friendly gourmet food store located across from the southeast side of Trinity-Bellwoods Park. Only about a week old, the bright, design-conscious space is an inviting and...

Stock in Trade / Butcher

1272 Danforth Ave. 416.792.5059 Website
Stock in Trade

Stock In Trade is the new butchery and food shop on the Danforth, and a nice addition to the burgeoning Greenwood area. The grey and orange paint make the storefront...

YamChops / Prepared Foods

705 College St. 416.645.0117 Website

YamChops, at College and Montrose, is the latest player in Toronto's vegetarian game. The family business opened its doors Monday, and brands itself as Toronto's first "vegetarian butcher shop." While...

Custodio's Meats and Eats / Butcher

121 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.350.6328 Website
Custodio's Meats and Eats

Custodio's Meats is yest another sign that Roncevalles is rapidly changing, as many of the older generation of predominately Polish businesses have made way for a new generation of hopeful...

Roast Butcher Shop / Butcher

786 St. Clair Ave. W 416.657.6278 Website
Roast Butcher Shop

Roast Butcher Shop and Fine Foods on St. Clair at Arlington is perfect if you like a little swank when you buy your flank. The floor, marble counter and subway...

The Healthy Road / Health Food

518 King St. E 416.361.2043 Website
The Healthy Road

The Healthy Road is a new health food and supplement store on King East surrounded by the burgeoning Corktown condo scene. The four owners have been hard at work morphing...

Al Premium / Asian Groceries

1970 Eglinton Ave E 416.751.3666 Website
Al Premium

Al Premium Food Mart is the love-child of a WalMart Supercentre and a United Colors of Benetton ad. It's one of the only large-scale supermarkets (emphasis on the SUPER) in...

Sandy Aleksander / Cheese

1183 Queen St. East 416.466.2600 Website
Sandy Aleksander

Sandy Aleksander is Leslieville's newest specialty food store. It's full of charcuterie, cheese, chocolate and prepared meals, sliced and prepared fresh. The owner, Sandy Aleksander Vujcuf, calls his eponymous store...

Cote de Boeuf / Butcher

130 Ossington Ave. 416.532.2333 Website
Cote de Boeuf

Cote de Bœuf is a butcher shop and food store opened by the owners of Union, brothers Chasen Gillies and Teo Paul. The shop is just up the street...

Kitten and The Bear / Local Products

1574 Queen St. W 647.926.9711 Website
Kitten and The Bear

Kitten and The Bear, which opened just shy of three weeks ago has been steadily winning over their Parkdale clientele, one small batch of preserves and marmalade at a time....

Emporium Latino / Latin American Products

243 Augusta Avenue 416.351.9646
Emporium Latino

Emporium Latino is a tiny, unassuming grocery store in Kensington Market that flies way under the radar, unless you're Latin American. Walk directly past the imported aliments and you'll see...

Gourmeats / Butcher

2946 Dundas St W 416.824.8848 Website

Gourmeats is now open on Dundas West, helping to solve that nightly dilemma: what's for dinner? The month old butcher is family owned and operated by Allan and Branka Suleman,...

Foodbenders / Prepared Foods

163 Sterling Road 647.303.2363 Website

Foodbenders is a new take-out lunch place in the Junction that doesn't sacrifice nutrition or flavour for grab-and-go convenience. After starting to sell their fare in cafes and other local...

Momofuku Milk Bar Toronto / Prepared Foods

190 University Ave 647.253.8000 Website
Momofuku Milk Bar Toronto

Momofuku Milk Bar opened in Toronto on Friday after weeks of speculation that Toronto would be the first international outpost of the cult confectionery shop. The tiny refrigerated glass room...

Senisi Fine Foods / Deli

1080 College St 416.875.1996
Senisi Fine Foods

Senisi Fine Foods opened last month in the Dufferin Grove neighbourhood, selling quality kitchen essentials, sandwiches, coffee, and gelato. As a nearby resident, I was curious to see what Senisi...

The Candy Bar / Candy Stores

849 College St 416.532.0123 Website
The Candy Bar

The Candy Bar opened at the start of April on College Street, just west of Ossington — an area with plenty of bars and restaurants, but not nearly enough confectionery...

Tierra Azteca / Latin American Products

1115 Bloor St. West 647.435.4098
Tierra Azteca

Tierra Azteca at Bloor and Dufferin offers Mexican and a smattering of Latin American cuisine. It's a grocery store that doubles as a restaurant and money wiring facility. It's small,...

Junction Craft Brewing / Beer Stores

90 Cawthra Avenue 416.951.6367 Website
Junction Craft Brewing

Junction Craft Brewing opened its retail store and microbrewery last December, but had already been making beer at Wellington Brewery for about a year prior to setting up shop in...

Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen / Seafood

2584 Yonge St 416.485.3474
Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen

Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen was born from an apparent seafood drought around the area of Yonge and Eglinton. There's the Metro at the intersection, of course, and a...

Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli / Prepared Foods

193 Baldwin St. 647.351.1959 Website
Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli

Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli, which opened this past Saturday, is a highly evocative blast from the past. Although I'm told that it was born out of a desire to...

Epicure Shop / Prepared Foods

473 Parliament Street 416.928.0291 Website
Epicure Shop

The Epicure Shop has been a Cabbagetown fixture since the '80s. Helmed by Patty Junior (who does the buying, as well as creates the lavish holiday gift baskets), and with...

Medium Rare / Butcher

5241 Dundas St W 416.231.1500 Website
Medium Rare

Medium Rare has one of the most diverse selections of sausages I've ever come across in an independent butcher shop. Or almost any shop, come to think about it. You'd...

Naturally Yours / Health Food

1 First Canadian Place 416.368.0100 Website
Naturally Yours

Naturally Yours would probably do exceptionally well in Kensington or on the Danforth. Of course, those areas already have health food stores catering to their needs, so another shop would...

Global Cheese / Cheese

76 Kensington Avenue 416.593.9251
Global Cheese

Global Cheese has unveiled its newly renovated digs, complete with "Betsy" and "Molly" holding guard by the front door. "That one we got off the internet," says Jason DaSilva, pointing...

The Meat Dept / Butcher

207 Danforth Ave 416.320.8790
The Meat Dept

The Meat Dept is the beloved Danforth butcher many once knew as The Friendly Butcher. It just has a different name now. Owner Zach Davidson broke from his then-partner about...

West End Food Co-op Food Hub / Local Products

1299 Queen St. W. 416.533.6363 Website
West End Food Co-op Food Hub

West End Food Co-op's Food Hub is Toronto's newest co-operative grocery store, and the first one to open in the city in about 25 years. Located at Queen and Dufferin...

Crescendo Toronto / Condiments

13 Trinity Street 416.214.9555 Website
Crescendo Toronto

Crescendo opened just two weeks ago in the heart of the Distillery District, and without any signage, is definitely a curious addition. The oak barrels and wooden jugs mounted on...

Blue Danube Sausage House / Butcher

24 Chauncey Ave. 416.234.9911 Website
Blue Danube Sausage House

Blue Danube Sausage House takes great pride in its namesake specialty, but this family-owned deli in Etobicoke is by no means a sausage fest (pun intended). Though its sausages are, without...

Sanagan's Meat Locker (176 Baldwin) / Butcher

176 Baldwin St 416.593.9747 Website
Sanagan's Meat Locker (176 Baldwin)

Sanagan's Meat Locker has made its new, 5,000-square-foot debut. Owner Peter Sanagan made the announcement earlier this summer that he would be moving his shop into the former European Meats...

Healthy Planet (Danforth) / Health Food

568 Danforth Avenue 416.465.9998 Website
Healthy Planet (Danforth)

Healthy Planet on Danforth is the company's first storefront foray into Toronto's central core. But the new address isn't the only novel thing this company is introducing with its Danforth...

Creme Fraiche Market Cafe / Local Products

639 Annette St. 416.546.2918 Website
Creme Fraiche Market Cafe

Creme Fraiche Market Cafe is pretty much an indoor year-round farmers' market. Scaled down some, of course, but with plenty of artisan and all-natural goodies readily on offer. The new...

The Beer Academy / Beer Stores

75 Victoria St. 416.366.1786 Website
The Beer Academy

The Beer Academy isn't trying to take over the world. It took me some time to wrap my head around the idea that the newly-renovated former home of Duggan's Brewery...

Eddystone Meats / Butcher

245 Eddystone Ave 416.743.5601 Website
Eddystone Meats

Eddystone Meats was made famous by its porchetta. Famous only in a north-of-Sheppard Italian community, perhaps, but famous nonetheless. The family-owned butcher shop has seen its share of changes over...

BB Cafe / Middle Eastern Products

6095 Yonge St. 416.505.5855 Website
BB Cafe

BB Cafe has been thriving in North York in the heart of the Persian community for the past two years, though the cafe strikes me as the type that would...

Valentino's Smokin' Salmon / Seafood

140 O'Connor Dr 416.425.2177 Website
Valentino's Smokin' Salmon

Valentino's Smokin Salmon is the new kid on the block when it comes to smoked fish, but the family-run shop has already landed on the shelves at Pusateri's, Fiesta Farms,...

Pantry Foods / Prepared Foods

3456 Bathurst St. 416.785.0996 Website
Pantry Foods

Pantry offers prepared kosher food made a little bit trendier than at its North York neighbours. And it's not just the decor - though the bright green walls, wooden accents,...

Salsicharia Pavao / Butcher

1435 Dundas St W 416.533.7667 Website
Salsicharia Pavao

Salsicharia Pavao is a fixture in Little Portugal and a longtime Toronto source for imported Portuguese groceries and freshly prepared meats. The butcher shop is family-owned — as many beloved...

European Quality Meats Outlet Centre / Butcher

16 Jutland Rd 416.251.6193
European Quality Meats Outlet Centre

European Quality Meats and Sausages may be closing its Baldwin Street location, but that doesn't mean the more than 50-year-old business will shut down production anytime soon. The original European Meats...

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  • La Fromagerie scum bag!!!!!!
  • Yummy Market Lately the the smoked pork like Balero and e.t.c., offered for slising is so wet, that it comes to my mind somebody in purpose put it for a while into...
  • Caribbean Food Basket Hey Sharon, i am importer of Peppers and other vegetables in Canada. i would like to know if you purchase same. please email me your contact so i can follow...
  • St. Andrew Poultry This place is a gem. Truly great food - had the shawarma, and I daresay it's even better than Dr. Laffa's.
  • St. Andrew Poultry The ready made bbq chicken was good. The store is nice looking. Must say I was disappointed with the prices of meats at the back counter. They...
  • Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli I'm definitely going to try this little place . I try to can but some things are better left to the experts. also on the glass subject..I'm sure the...
  • T&T Supermarket Reply to James coubo, Don't worry about this asian supermarket . It takes only 1% out of 1.3 billion people from China to satisfy the need of each other.Do the...
  • Stock in Trade I just finished the greatest sandwich I have ever eaten. Southern Ham and Aged Cheddar Melt on a French stick. Adorned with the tastiest sauce. Mmmmm! Way to go! S&T
  • International Cheese with 40 years in the business, I would not hesitate to get cheese from you guys.
  • International Cheese Wow...this is the dream house for every mouse in the world. Yummy...
  • Courage Foods This place has delicious food! I've never eaten anything from here that I didn't love. Their loaves are excellent and the aforementioned brownie is the best I've ever...
  • Courage Foods Their pizza and sandwiches are delicious and their sticky cinnamon buns are to die for!!!
  • St. Andrew Poultry I had the beef brisket sandwich and fries. I must say it was a good size sandwich and the fries were tasty. The new look is great!! The...
  • Courage Foods I lived in The Beaches till recently and discovered this place. Their prepared food is delicious (make sure to check also their freezer!) and Karen and Jim are always wonderful...
  • Courage Foods I live just east of this wonderful independent business. We've bought farm-fresh veggies, savoury pastries, and bone-sticking soups. A sweet indulgence is a caramel cinnamon roll although it can be...
  • The Pantry The Pantry changed ownership a few months ago and is now a Cheese Shop with a focus on Artisanal Canadian Cheese and local accompaniments.
  • Courage Foods WOW Looks Good!
  • SOMA Chocolate (King West) Hello Soma president and chocolatier-I like many love, love, love your chocolate! Thank you for existing. : ) I just found out I have type 2 diabetes 9BOO HOO!)...
  • Gourmeats Lovely place! They are so helpful and everything is fantastic - fair value which is nice too :)
  • St. Andrew Poultry I had the miami ribs and fries at the take-out counter and it was delicious. I also took a BBQ chicken with the salad, which was excellent as well. The...
  • St. Andrew Poultry They are finally openned about time. I'm on my last supply of meats and I need to re-up. I haven't been to the new store but from the images it...
  • St. Andrew Poultry I am glad
  • Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen outstanding food & people; dropped by many times, have had the ceviche, lobster roll, fish & chips, & the seafood salads! Everything has been great...only gripe. Please post your hours,...
  • Medium Rare Been here a few times and have always had a great experience. Prices are kind of steep....hence not.going as often as I would like.
  • St. Andrew Poultry Can someone explain to me what "torched chicken" is? Is this something I need to experience?!
  • Custodio's Meats and Eats I really wanted to love this place. It looks great inside and the selection is something special but....the staff are awful. I've either been short changed or given back the...
  • Fish Street Market and Open Kitchen I've been by a few times now, and each time not only was the food delicious but the atmosphere was homey (not phony). That means nobody is wearing a mask,...
  • St. Andrew Poultry I used to go to this store when I was studying at U of T. I don't like this new grocery store look, though. $7.99 for a jar of...
  • St. Andrew Poultry Just had my first cooked chicken and salad experience at St. Andrews. Must say it was better than my neighbourhood Sobey's. It saved me time this evening and...

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