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The top 5 slushies (with booze) in Toronto

Posted by Jen Hunter / May 16, 2014

slushie torontoSlushies in Toronto are a thing. And, no, I'm not referring to the 7-Eleven kind. A true slushie should be served from a real slushie machine (rather than simply being a blender-made frozen cocktail), though I've made a couple of exceptions here for drinks that appropriate the spirit of the slushie. Youthful and addicting, slushie cocktails are the most refreshing drink to be found during Toronto's famously muggy summers.

Here are a few Toronto spots to dash to when the humidex and temperature starts to climb.

Rhum Corner
One of the first things to notice at this Haitian spot on Dundas West is the whirling slushie machine behind the bar. Containing a choice of either daiquiri ($7) or PiƱa Colada ($8), the drinks are served in coupe-style cocktail glasses, and offer probably the best value combination of price and quality anywhere on this list.

$12 at Momofuku Noodle Bar gets you either of the sake-based 'Seven Spice Sour' or Cherry slushies. The former being made with sake, togarashi chili pepper, yuzu, and lime, while the latter is composed of sake, cherry, lime, and anise. The cherry is a personal favourite, but both are complex, and by far the most refined of the slushies - a far cry from the sugary types you might grab at a 7-11.

Home of the Brave
Alongside house creations and America classics, this King West restaurant serves up a frozen Last Word (gin, maraschino, Chartreuse and lime), as well as a delightfully trashy frozen Long Island Iced Tea. Both are $10 and have quite a kick.

Rock'n'Horse Saloon
Toronto's best line dancing / mechanical bull venue west of the DVP offers a ridiculously oversized slushie margarita, with prices dependent on the tequila in use. That's all well and good, but The Bulldog ($16.50) takes said slushie and stuffs an upside-down bottle of Corona in the top, with the beer slowly seeping into the drink as you sip. It's hard not to look a little silly with one in hand, but at Rock'n'Horse, that's kind of the point.

This Bloorcourt vegan-friendly hotspot serves up to ten flavours of slushie in the summer, including lemonade, banana, strawberry, and watermelon. For $6.75, you can jazz them up with some booze. With free pinball and foosball, you can imagine you're a kid at the arcade again.

Where did I miss? Add your favourite Toronto spot to get a slushie cocktail in the comments.

Photo of Rock'n'Horse Saloon by Jesse Milns.



Apu / May 17, 2014 at 02:41 am
Dear Writer,

I don't think it's what you missed, it's what I missed. It's my understanding that what makes a slushie is the consistency of this delightful summer treat: slushed ice and beverage of choice. To me, many of these described slushies do not seem that different from the flavours found at 7-Eleven (other than the added spirits/bitters), or the texture at my favourite convenience store. But, of course, I'm an idiot, so I'm probably wrong.

Also, if possible, would you be able to let us know where, east of the DVP, the best line dancing/mechanical bull establishment is?

Thank You/With Love,

Muggy Markham
Duh replying to a comment from Apu / May 26, 2014 at 05:09 pm
Boots and Bourbon

cris / May 26, 2014 at 08:51 pm
Margarona (corona Margarita) 32 oz. Brain freeze at tortilla flats!
denyse cummings / June 21, 2015 at 12:10 am
Hotb is nothing short of gimmicky drinks that fall well short of their hype. Service and drinks are flat and lack quality and imagination for the price they charge.
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