Dog patios Toronto

13 dog-friendly patios in Toronto

What's better than a pint on the patio in the summer sun with friends? Well, a pint on the patio in the summer sun with all your friends, including furry ones. The best pet-friendly patios also have convenient or shady tie-up spots, perfect if you have a normal dog who doesn't cry and whine and choke herself trying to clamber onto your lap.

Here are my picks for the best dog-friendly patios in Toronto. 

The Black Bull

The Black Bull is always great with dogs. They keep dog bowls with water flowing and have a more relaxing gated-in spot to tie your pooch while you have a pint.  

The Artful Dodger

The Artful Dodger has lots of green things to poke snouts into and friendly passersby for licking. The atmosphere is relaxed, so at little self-grooming going on during beer o'clock is never a big deal.


Stratengers' patio gets a lot of sun, so they're keen to make sure your dog stays hydrated. And a pint for you too.

Dundas & Carlaw

Party cafe and part bar, this charming East end spot hosts a large patio, with ultimate afternoon shade. Dogs are welcome on this patio that serves coffee, beer and cocktails. 

Le Select Bistro

On the surface, Le Select Bistro wouldn't seem like the place to boast a particularly dog-friendly patio, but owners are welcome to tie their canines outside where they'll be watered and Instagrammed.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen

There's noms for everyone here. With dog treats right at the entrance, and bowls of water upon request, this is canine Liberty Village living at its finest.

Last Temptation

Cold beer, lots of friends, and no worries on Pedestrian Sunday - perfect for Toronto dogs.  It's a small outdoor space, which lets you keep a close and eye on your dog, while pet-loving passersby say hi. 

Henderson Brewing Co. 

The brewery opens up all the windows in their space and allow for dogs to be tied up next to you inside. While they don't officially have a patio, the massive open-air brewery feels like it's outside and very dog friendly. 


The fancy-pants Yorkville restaurant, and fave celebrity eating-spot welcomes you to tie your dog to their patio fence as you eat or drink outside. The street is a busy one, so if you're dog doesn't care for crowds, this might not be the best spot for for a canine cocktail. 

Blood Brothers Brewing

The Geary Lane brewery boasts a small by mighty little patio and with it, a very dog-friendly attitude. Tie your dog up wherever you're sitting on one of the outdoor picnic tables and ask for free water refills whenver necessary. 

Local Public Eatery

This Liberty Village pub has a pretty monstrous patio, complete outdoor patio games and a "pooch pound," where you can safely tie up your furry friend, and have them watched and watered while you watch and water yourself. 

The Rhino

One of the most spacious patios in Parkdale isn't an official dog playground, but the expansive space is a pet friendly one, and four-legged pals are well-watered and welcome to be tied out front for all to see. 

Done Right Inn

Tucked away on West Queen West, just before hitting dog-central Trinity Bellwoods Park is this little local who welcome loyal customer dogs inside and dogs outside on their shady, hidden back patio. 

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