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13 dog-friendly patios in Toronto

What's better than a pint on the patio in the summer sun with friends? Well, a pint on the patio in the summer sun with all your friends, of course. Naturally, I'm referring to our furry pals. While dogs aren't technically allowed on Toronto patios that serve food or drinks, pet owners eventually come to which places are more accommodating than others in terms offering water, treats, or simply smiles tossed a panting dog's way.

The best pet-friendly patios also have convenient or shady tie-up spots, perfect if you have a normal dog who doesn't cry and whine and choke herself trying to clamber onto your lap. Sigh. For all of you leaders of the pack who didn't somehow foster extreme separation anxiety in your dog, check out this list. We asked our Twitter followers to name the dog-friendliest patios in Toronto, and here are some of the responses, in no particular order:

The Black Bull
The Black Bull is always great with dogs. I've been there several times when a waiter has offered to move our dogs into the gated-in spot for bikes, which is usually a much more relaxing experience for them. Plus, the Black Bull always keeps the good stuff flowing, and by that I of course mean water.

The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodger has lots of green things to poke snouts into and friendly passersby for licking. The atmosphere is relaxed, so at little self-grooming going on during beer o'clock is never a big deal.

"I can haz taste?" The bad thing about bringing your dog by Caplansky's patio is seeing the woeful look in her eyes as she watches you devour a mouthwatering mound of smoked meat. At least there's lots of gate on Brunswick off of which to chill.

Lion on the Beach
Appropriate that a Beaches pub would be named for this list, since the Beaches is perhaps one of the top dog-loving communities in Toronto. Lots of room near the back of the patio for minimally obstructed tie-ups,meaning both you and pup will be happy.

Stratengers' patio gets a lot of sun, so they're keen to make sure your dog stays hydrated. And a pint for you too, I suppose.

Bar Wellington
Sometimes you can catch Bar Wellington with fresh bowls already waiting by the fence to get lapped up by thirsty travelers. Here's to hoping someone drops a fry.

Whistler's Grille
Broadview babies looking for a good time can hang out near Whistler's Grille and Cafe Bar. Must not be spooked by live music!

Le Select Bistro
On the surface, Le Select Bistro wouldn't seem like the place to boast a particularly dog-friendly patio, but perhaps our pets are aromatically enjoying the Bistro's selection of fine wines and fresh dishes? Or perhaps they're just nibbling on the plants when we're not looking.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
There's noms for everyone here! That's right, dog treats right at the entrance, and bowls of water upon request. A quick belly rub, and this would surely be Liberty Village livin' at its finest.

Dr Generosity
As long as that doctor is not a vet, I'm sure we'll all be happy. There's just a small patio here, but all the better to get up close and personal and possibly snag a taste of that famous tuna sandwich.

Victory Cafe
Victory Cafe has nice little spaces between its gate and sidewalk bike racks for pups to curl up and snooze away the afternoon while their masters enjoy a drink. And don't worry--they can get one too.

Cafe Novo
Cafe Novo's patio is totally dog-friendly. And while you're picking up something freshly baked for you inside, you can pick up something for him too! Yup, delicious dog treats.

Last Temptation
Cold beer, lots of friends, and no worries on Pedestrian Sunday--perfect for Toronto dogs. (Okay, maybe not the 'cold beer' part.) But fresh water and no cars to fret about (or chase, for that matter) makes Last Temptation's patio great for dogs.

Know of other pet-friendly Toronto patios? Add them to the comments below.

Photo by Roger Cullman

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