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Elephant In The Attic / Local Artisans

1596 Dundas St. West Website
Elephant In The Attic

Elephant In The Attic is a miniature market for vendors of all kinds of handmade and upcycled goods. It's also a gallery of prints and a custom framing store. And...

Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) / Contemporary Furniture

429 Richmond St. East 416.703.8322 Website
Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond)

Suite 22 Interiors on Richmond is the brand-new downtown sister location of the ultra-modern Markham furniture store of the same name. Like its predecessor, the new shop, located at Richmond...

Goodfolk / Vintage Furniture

253 Broadview Ave. 416.465.0002 Website

Goodfolk is a brand-new store brimming with vintage curiosities from around the globe, tucked quietly into a strip of stores at Dundas and Broadview. It's an unusual location - the...

I Have a Crush On You / Cards, Paper And Stationery

51 Jefferson Ave. 416.880.6369 Website
I Have a Crush On You

I Have A Crush On You is a gift shop meets gallery meets workshop that found its first home in Liberty Village at the end of May. If you need...

Sourced & Salvaged / Vintage Furniture

246 Gerrard St. East 416.834.5337 Website
Sourced & Salvaged

Sourced & Salvaged is a small specialty design shop where owner Darius Armstrong sells a delightful mix of found and reclaimed antiques. The shop, which is new to Cabbagetown, has...

Stowaway Vintage / Design Accessories

978 Dovercourt Rd. 647.340.9312 Website
Stowaway Vintage

Stowaway Vintage is a sweet little shop tucked into Melanie Machado's front room. The little shop at Dovercourt and Hallam, just south of Dupont Street, is crammed full of more...

The Shop / Local Artisans

1139 College St. Website
The Shop

The Shop is a community-based maker space located in Brockton Village. The creative facility, based on the ground floor of a converted loft building at 1139 College St., presents a...

Annex Pawn / Design Accessories

1044 Bathurst St. 647.725.5561 Website
Annex Pawn

Annex Pawn is a sea of pirate's treasure, with contents that span everything from the sartorial to the functional. But everything in the store is sprinkled with a little bit...

What the Vintage / Vintage Furniture

34 Wooster Wood 647.983.6059 Website
What the Vintage

What The Vintage is Scarborough's go-to spot for vintage and mid-century modern furniture. The Coronation Dr. showroom is a vintage lover's dream - a stockroom overflowing with Danish teak pieces...

Len Toronto / Design Accessories

698 Coxwell Ave 647.894.3753 Website
Len Toronto

Len: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art & Beautiful Things is a very small shop for such a long name. Housed in a shallow storefront a stone's throw from Coxwell Station,...

McCormick Imports / Design Accessories

1347 Danforth Ave. 416.792.3404 Website
McCormick Imports

McCormick Imports is an enclave of Wee Britainnia on Danforth East. You've heard of Mom and Pop shops? Well, here's a Mom and Daughter shop. As if the Peter Rabbit...

Mindzai / Art Supplies

11 Camden St 416.737.2711 Website

Mindzai, a new toy shop tucked away just off Spadina, shares an already tight space with street art supply store Homebase, so it's no surprise every wall is stacked floor-to-ceiling...

Paintlounge / Art Supplies

784 College St. 416.900.2644 Website

Paintlounge is unlike any other Toronto lounge. Instead of bar stools, there are easels. Instead of cocktail attire, there are smocks. And instead of splashing drinks, you're splashing paint. The...

Arts Market (College) / Local Artisans

846 College St. 647.997.7616 Website
Arts Market (College)

An Arts Market has opened on College Street. Yes, west-end artists and shopping enthusiasts - good news! Leslieville's Arts Market recently opened a second location on College just west of...

Love the Design (Summerhill) / Vintage Furniture

1226 Yonge St. 416.408.1727 Website
Love the Design (Summerhill)

Love the Design has up until now been a Leslieville staple for artist and designer Christine Flynn's coveted rough-luxe furnishings. Last month, the shop officially opened a second location in...

Likely General / Design Accessories

389 Roncesvalles Ave. 647.351.4590 Website
Likely General

Likely General opened yesterday in Roncesvalles, and I knew it was a winner before I even stepped in the door. How, you ask? Owner Brooke Manning has a chalkboard sign...

Wonder Pens / Cards, Paper And Stationery

906 Dundas St. W. 647.461.2426 Website
Wonder Pens

Wonder Pens has found a way to bring back the written word. The little shop at Dundas and Bellwoods sells a huge assortment of fountain pens, ink, and stylin' little...

Spruce / Design Accessories

455 Parliament St. 647.748.4060 Website

Spruce is a new home decor shop in Cabbagetown, whose owners focus on sourcing objects made in North America and collecting fun vintage items to put up for sale. The...

Easy Tiger / Design Accessories

1447 Dundas W 647.748.6161 Website
Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is the kind of shop those in their twenties who work in design/fashion/media go to purchase birthday gifts for their friends in similar lines of work. Yes, it's...

The Corner Store / Design Accessories

55 Bloor St W 416.960.2439
The Corner Store

The Corner Store is a new micro-shop in Toronto that sells unique, mostly handcrafted treasures sourced from New York and California. The shop lies deep in the ground floor of...

Crown Flora / Florist

1537 Queen St. W. 647.861.5799 Website
Crown Flora

Crown Flora opened just over two months ago in Parkdale. It's instantly noticeable for its somewhat at-odds double window display--on one side, a carpet of moss is speckled with terrariums,...

Ransack the Universe / Design Accessories

1207 Bloor St. West 647.703.6675 Website
Ransack the Universe

Ransack the Universe is Bloordale's one-stop shop for vintage goods, records, local crafts, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind decor. Originally located in the basement of 1207 Bloor Street West, the store recently...

General Tao / Design Accessories

853a Bloor Street West 416.516.4404
General Tao

General Tao is the type of store in which I could spend hours. Perhaps it's a sign that my delayed sense of adulthood is taking over, because I'm becoming more...

The Monocle Shop (Toronto) / Design Accessories

776 College Street 647.694.2626 Website
The Monocle Shop (Toronto)

Monocle began as a magazine, and later morphed into a global media brand. But to the unbriefed and average College Street passerby, Monocle is just a new eclectic little boutique...

Williams Craig Design Studio / Design Accessories

38 Ossington Avenue 416.516.2177 Website
Williams Craig Design Studio

Williams Craig Design Studio is making use of its new streetside digs by combining its corporate business with its own carefully curated design boutique. The firm spent more than 13 years...

Kid Icarus (Augusta Ave.) / Cards, Paper And Stationery

205 Augusta Avenue 416.977.7236 Website
Kid Icarus (Augusta Ave.)

Kid Icarus has moved. But don't worry, no additional treks across town will be needed--they've moved onto Augusta Ave., continuing owner's Michael Viglione 14-year-long tenancy of Kensington Market. "What we...

EQ3 (Liberty Village) / Contemporary Furniture

3-51 Hanna Avenue 416.533.9090 Website
EQ3 (Liberty Village)

EQ3 (Liberty Village) has thrown itself into the Liberty Village furniture battle. With Casalife and West Elm already battling to deck out those Liberty Village one-bedroom-plus-dens, EQ3 unveiled its two-storey...

Suitcase Vintage / Design Accessories

2009 Dundas West
Suitcase Vintage

Suitcase Vintage strikes me as the truest incarnation of what one might call a "nostalgia shop." Now, as anyone who has seen Midnight in Paris likely knows, the term doesn't offer...

Metropolis Factory / Vintage Furniture

50 Edwin St. 647.343.6900 Website
Metropolis Factory

Metropolis Factory is like its original shop in the Junction, but on steroids. This warehouse totals 7,000 square feet, with ample room for Metropolis' oversized antique finds and custom salvage...

Stroudfoot / Custom And Re-furbished Furniture

21 R Atlantic Ave 416.618.7353 Website

Stoudfoot's design creations are in restaurants all around Toronto. From both Origins to Colborne Lane, for which Jason Stroud added a heavy dose of his design touch, to elements in...

Verso / Design Accessories

1160 Queen Street West 416.605.6894 Website

Verso has a somewhat unusual address. A black pylon outside of West Queen West fixture INAbstracto announces it, but you have to pass through to the back, where you'll find...

Stacklab / Custom And Re-furbished Furniture

28 Eastern Avenue Website

Stacklab tries to distinguish itself from Toronto's other reclaimed wood design shops in one important way — and it involves impressive (at least, to me) computer software. "We're not just...

Hideaway Antiques / Antique Furniture

1605 Queen Street West 416.539.0833
Hideaway Antiques

Hideaway Antiques recently renovated its Parkdale home to provide a more leisurely experience of looking for antiques. Those who pine for the thrill of the hunt should not be dismayed...

Everyday Housewife / Design Accessories

1066 Dundas St. West 416.703.3418 Website
Everyday Housewife

Everyday Housewife, as a name, makes sense when you see Bev Hisey's collection of vintage glass and ceramic housewares. The bright orange vases, lime green glass pieces, and assortment of...

Ecotique / Green

191 Roncesvalles Ave 416.516.2234 Website

Ecotique is Roncesvalles' very own eco-minded boutique. While the Roncy community does have more than a few green options in its neighbourhood — Sweetpea's for seasonal florals, Scout and Fresh...

Homebase / Art Supplies

11 Camden St 647.352.2271 Website

Homebase is a mecca for anyone interested in graffiti culture. The little shop on Camden Street near Queen and Spadina can't be easily classified — it's part gallery, part arts...

Gautier Toronto / Contemporary Furniture

230 Adelaide St East 416.777.9494 Website
Gautier Toronto

Gautier is the latest addition to Toronto's fancy furniture row, otherwise known as King East. The new shop hosts the designs of a 50-year-old French brand that, despite the going...

Hacher & Krain / Kitchen & Bathroom

256A Dupont St. 647.781.2433 Website
Hacher & Krain

Hacher & Krain is a fine knife shop that pledges allegiance to a variety of forging regions. While there are some stores in Toronto, such as Tosho Knife Arts in...

Above Ground Art Supplies (Junction) / Art Supplies

2868 Dundas St W 647.726.6738 Website
Above Ground Art Supplies (Junction)

Above Ground Art Supplies in the Junction is the second location of of the original art supply store on McCaul Street near OCAD. While the first Above Ground planted its...

CB2 Toronto / Contemporary Furniture

651 Queen St W 416.366.282 Website
CB2 Toronto

CB2 opened its first Canadian store this week in the frame of what was once the Big Bop on Queen West. There are hints here and there of the place that...

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Recent Comments

  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Great to see a nice representation of Kartell in the city. Will be dropping by this weekend.
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Great team at Suite 22 and amazing product. Highly recommended. Welcome to the city!
  • Elephant In The Attic I came by today met you for a moment and I very interested in working with someone maybe you who cqan focus on a direct market using vintage materials and...
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Beautiful. Look forward to dropping in.
  • Elephant In The Attic This place sounds great!
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Went by the new showroom today after I saw this posting. Great space, love the set up and selection. I'll be back. Good luck!
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) So glad to see this place in th city. My wife and I got our stools, dining chairs and entertainment unit from here and we're so happy it. Staff...
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Love Suite 22 furniture selection. Lago is my favorite line. Looking for furniture for my new condo. Been to the Markham showroom couple of times. The girls there are quite...
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) beautiful, clean look, inviting showroom,i have purchased some pieces and will be getting a lot more.
  • Suite 22 Interiors (Richmond) Ordered an entire Spectral home entertainment unit. I may need to re-plaster the walls due to the sound. It's incredible!!
  • The Corner Store Nancy, simply put you are a moron! You are trying to come across as thoughtful and sophisticated however your statements show how heavy footed and clueless you really are!
  • The Paper Place The place has a good selection but the staff are always angry, have major attitude and seem like they hate you for asking a question. Wow. It's a...
  • Victor Gallery Despite being so "economical" the framing is quite cheaply done. The quality of wood used looks and feels flimsy. For what you get, you end up paying far more than...
  • Greentea Design looking for sofa sets made of wood
  • Calligaris I had only read positive reviews on Google before deciding to get an in home consultation from Calligaris. I’m glad I didn’t see these ones as it may have prevented...
  • Hanji Handmade Paper and Gifts I LOVE this store!!! They didn't have pictures of their exquisit pop-up cards. I got one that was a three tier/layer mary-go-around diecut, it was delicate and intrigue, the card...
  • EQ3 (Liberty Village) What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity concerning unexpected feelings.
  • Stylegarage Overpriced? Maybe. But that's why you go when they have warehouse/sample sales. I only buy their stuff at heavily discounted prices. I have a few pieces...
  • Likely General I visited this store today and it was ok. Not awful but the merchandise is quite weak and lacklustre. I find these kinds of stores honestly generic and...
  • The Door Store Wow, The store looks great. I've never made it to this location so glad to see the photos. Glad to see you still have stained glass there too. Hope all...
  • Aboveground Art Supplies Their staff is very hit or miss, there's 2 guys who've helped me a number of times but everyone else just ignores you. I've made 2 special orders and have...
  • GH Johnson My previous comment was removed so I will keep short and simple. Was given run around for product that wasnt delivered. Went to store and big arguments with owner and...
  • Cabinet Furniture Awesome page, really been looking forever for ideas on the very best rattan furniture for our home and in our back garden. This website sincerely helpedgreat blog some great info...
  • Decorium Wow. Decorium needs a lesson in customer service!!! Waving your terms and conditions around with attitude and thinking you will build loyalty is downright stupid. Like Sam, I will never...
  • Garden's Path Great page, just lately been looking forever for ideas on the very best rattan furniture pieces for our home and in our back garden. The site seriously helpedgreat blog some...
  • Blue Banana Market If heroin was legal, this place WOULD sell it. Why don't you take a real look on what they are selling on their shelves. THAT is a "Taste Of Kensington...
  • Romni Wools Great selection, but the staff (except for the gentleman that works in the basement) is the most consistently rude group of employees I have ever encountered. Nothing has changed...
  • Phil'z 20th Century Design Oh great, they are opening in the junction. We're friendly people out here. We don't wAnt this bullshit attitude.
  • Goodfolk Cool Shop

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