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New in Toronto real estate: The Code Condos

Posted by Staff / June 19, 2014

Code CondosThe Code Condos comes to put an end to a longstanding eyesore at the corner of St. Clair Ave. W. and Parkwood. The site has it all, and yet it has been subject of a soap opera storyline...brace yourselves:

For over five years, the neighbourhood had to look at the stalled structure of a never-completed retirement residence that even held a shipping container-office at one point. Finally, about two years ago a new developer started to draft a new plan, one which iteself was caught in limbo as the proposal for an 11-storey condo/retail building was argued down to an eight-storey condo/townhouse project, before ultimately settling nine storeys. Some neighbourhood residents still aren't happy about that "extra floor". Either way, the goal to (at least) get rid of the abandoned structure has been finally achieved, and the neighbourhood's hope is up again for a development worthy of such a prime location.

The Code Condos plans to incorporate the 9-storey brick-and-glass boutique building with north-side terraces that stagger inwardly to fit in with the line of private and luxurious homes that define the Forest Hill neighbourhood to the north. As far as the floor plans go, they range from standard studios to 3+den townhouse at grade level, which feature large patios. In the amenities department, there's not much to it over and above the standard offerings, but if you have a doggie, you'll love the on-site pet washing station.

Code CondosSPECS


  • Executive concierge, pet washing station and underground parking
  • Integrated appliances and Energy Star stackable washer/dryer
  • 9-foot ceiling units with full height windows and engineered floors
  • Custom cabinetry and composite stone counters


The Code Condo surely gets it right with name selection. This development is all about the postal code of this affluent neighbourhood. The development score points for its staggered terraces, especially for those yet-to-be-convinced neighbours that the exhaustively reviewed "extra floor" won't make this structure out of scale with the neighbourhood. And even if it doesn't seem to offer any outstanding features, its standard (if a bit condensed) suites are as nice as any new downtown development, and regardless of what the neighbours might think, this is exactly the type of development that the ROW-equipped St. Clair Avenue should have.

Writing by Cathy Esaa



iSkyscraper / June 19, 2014 at 09:12 am
A nice design from a top architect. This is not your typical condo swill. Bravo.

(Note - The "St. Clair Disaster" wins again. Don't tell Rob Ford when he gets back from the cottage.)
Ben / June 19, 2014 at 09:57 am
It's strange to me that you didn't mention the fact that this building is directly across the street from Winston Churchill Park. Green space literally at your door and a guarantee that your view of the Toronto skyline will never be obscured would seem to me this building's biggest draws (at least they were for me when I looked into buying here).
thatgirlwho / June 19, 2014 at 10:22 pm
I hope street-level retail space contains something useful. There isn't a shop or corner store on St. Clair from Bathurst to almost Yonge.
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