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noteTOself: Blue Jays Hat Makes Friends

Posted by Carlos Weisz / November 19, 2008

noteTOself is a weekly roundup of some of my freshest sketches. Perhaps it will be your new BFF for your Wednesday middle-of-the-week crisis?

Art Matters
noTOself ago art matters
Mo The Temp
noTOself movember
Missing TO
noTOself vince carters tear
You Are Getting Too Close
noteTOself personal space
Way To Ruin My Parade
noTOself santas parade

1 Comment

Gary / November 19, 2008 at 12:03 pm
Ha! Let Vince cry all he wants. The Raptors are better off without him! He wouldn't have helped us beat Orlando last night anyways.

(now there's a tear in my eye)
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