Rebel is the re-incarnation of what used to be Sound Academy on Polson Pier by the waterfront. It has generous views of the city's skyline and is home to top international performers on tour.

They've totally revamped the equipment in the ginormous 45,000 square foot space featuring a crazy 65-foot stage, adding insane visuals on gigantic screens behind the stage, and light features that bounce throughout the club as well as lighting up the ceiling in circles and spirals.

On Rebel Saturdays (their weekly dance party hosted by a top line performer) the screens play trippy digital art of various Egyptian-influenced imagery, a masked face, a character with Isis-like wings spinning in slo-mo, or golden lips pouring smoke next to a pixelated butterfly.

I decided to go to Rebel twice, once for a concert and once for one of the Saturdays, and I'm glad I did. Personally, I'm way more of a concert goer than a club goer, so I hope based on my two experiences you'll know which camp you fall into or find you're happy with both. For the show I attended, the screens played visuals complementing the band's set.

The place is a lot more bare bones when set up for a show. On Rebel Saturdays, the space is filled out with more elements. Performers dance inside glass boxes, painted gold and wearing elaborate costumes on the night I visited.

There are also cage-like seating areas on the main dance floor on Saturday nights, set up with booth-like benches and a little table in the middle with cups ready for a group seeking bottle service to make their headquarters.

As usual with this sort of club, drinks are wildly expensive. For the concert everything came in plastic cups, but my first whiskey and coke ($8.50) on a Saturday is served in a classier cup that isn't glass, but is a lot closer to it visually, and is garnished with a lime wedge.

My second drink comes out rushed and isn't quite consistent with the first, and there's no lime wedge but I grab one from a little tumbler on the bar.

$7.50 beers and $8.50 mixed drinks are nothing compared to the outrageous bottle service. They make a huge deal out of it if that's your thing, a team of girls raising bottles over their heads and waving sparklers in the air.

The range goes from cheaper Bacardi and Bombay Sapphire 750mL bottles to an insane six litres of Ace of Spades champagne for nearly nine grand.


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